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Taking on Telco: HPE Synergy ready with NEBS compliance



The telecommunications industry is the driving force behind many of the services we interact with on a daily basis. Everything from the internet to cell phones to video streaming. Try and pick one that you don’t use every single day, and I think you will be challenged. The demand for these services is huge, and they continue to grow every day.

As you can imagine, keeping these services running 24/7 in a secure, fast, reliable environment becomes crucial to everyone.

For example, consider video streaming. Binge watching entire seasons of your favorite TV shows (admit it!) is a simple end user experience: find the show, click play, watch. From the perspective of the service provider, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. Once you choose what you’re looking for, your request gets sent to a web server. That web server then sends your request to a media server that hosts the selected media. The media server then sends the file directly to your device to be decoded and streamed. Every step in the process is crucial; lose a piece or don’t have enough bandwidth or servers to meet demand, and someone somewhere will not get what they are paying for.

That’s why HPE is bringing the very best to telco with HPE Synergy. The HPE Synergy 480 Gen9 Compute Module powered by Intel® is now certified for NEBS compliance, providing the telco industry with the first composable option for general purpose, high-volume compute. The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module is also certified, a high density internal storage option with unrestricted growth capabilities. Remember those media servers in the example above? Just take a moment to think about how much storage is required for 4k movies!  

With HPE Synergy, the telecommunications industry can transform current data centers into composable infrastructures, enabling their developers to bring new and existing services to customers faster than ever before. Deloitte has called 2017 the “year of digital transformation” for the telco industry worldwide. HPE Synergy offers the kind of software-defined infrastructure that telco needs to keep up with skyrocketing demand for their services and the speed at which those services are expected to be delivered.

Additionally, with the pace at which the telco industry is expected to move, leveraging a future-proofed infrastructure like HPE Synergy today offers the agility to continue to transform the data center without having to rip and replace infrastructure every few years. With a midplane capable of handling up to 16Tbps today and photonics ready now, HPE Synergy is equipped for the speeds of tomorrow.

HPE Synergy is also cost effective and offers higher utilization rates than current technologies. With options like the HPE Synergy Image Streamer, physical compute resources are managed like virtual machines, allowing for max utilization through means such as workload switching based on time of day.

Again, take the video streaming example from earlier. What happens on nights and weekends when demand for video streaming jumps as people sit back and enjoy their time off of work? With HPE Synergy, the additional compute resources needed as web servers to handle extra traffic can be programmed to automatically come online for that purpose at the right time. The rest of the day they are free to be used for anything else. This capability lets companies reduce their capital expenditures and funnel resources to value creating projects.

Take a deeper dive into HPE Synergy with your free copy of HPE Synergy For Dummies and explore Now NEBS certified, HPE Synergy is the digital transformation solution that the telco industry needs to take the next steps into the data center of the future.

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