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The Design Principles of HPE Synergy


Composable Infrastructure rockstar, Paul Durzan-VP of Product Management for HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure (CDI), sat down with Bharath Vasudevan, Director of HPE CDI Business Development, to detail HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure.

Durzan begins by explaining the process that went into designing HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure. “When we designed HPE Synergy, we knew we needed a platform that was essentially software-defined from the bottom up,” he explains. “We wanted to make sure that customers were able to move fast, and that they didn’t have to program a bunch of different APIs.”

The end result? A single infrastructure of compute, storage and network, brought together as a single platform—all with integrated management to give it a single, unified API. “Now customers have the ability through that one API to program their full infrastructure in a very automated manner,” explains Durzan.

And, as Vasudevan describes, the single, Unified API allows for integrations with tools that customers are already using. “With the unified API, we have built in integrations with a lot of the tools that customers are using today, such as Microsoft and VMware. We also tried to anticipate where our customers are going with a lot of integrations through our DevOps type partners like Chef, Docker and Puppet Labs,” he explains.

This new solution integrates compute, network, storage, and management; plus it accommodates all execution environments. “Whether it is a physical environment, a virtual environment, or a container environment, we wanted to develop a system that gave all of those environments the ability to become a lot more efficient in terms of deploying the underlying hardware.”

HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure are all about bridging traditional IT with the Idea Economy, or the New Style of IT. “Our customers are telling us that while we did address the New Style of IT and the need to integrate with DevOps, they are just as excited and impressed with how this is going to satisfy their traditional workloads,” says Durzan.

“It’s a single infrastructure—that’s the beauty of HPE Synergy. We don’t have to satisfy all of those environments and workloads with multiple, different platforms.  We have designed one platform that does everything. It becomes a bridge between traditional IT and the Idea Economy with investment protection makes traditional environment more efficient. And, it allows businesses to transition to the future.”

Check out the full video below and stay tuned for more news and videos out of HPE Discover London 2015.

And if you are at Discover this week, come by any of our Live Composable Infrastructure Theatre sessions to get a first-hand look at HPE Synergy:
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