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The HC250 gives you HUGE time, space and cost savings


By blogger, Diana Zavala

Hyper convergence is one of the fastest growing IT trends within IT because it is an easy and flexible way to build capacity in your virtualized infrastructure. HPE now offers even more choice and flexibility for your changing virtualized workloads, so you can quickly and simply deliver services or run your own applications from within your own data center or remote office.

Today, HPE announced the latest version of the HPE Hyper Converged 250 (HPE HC 250) powered by Intel®. Operational in just 15 minutes, the HPE HC 250 is a complete virtualized infrastructure platform that scales out linearly and easily integrates with a centralized data center. With self-contained, integrated blocks of infrastructure managed from a single, familiar interface, the HPE HC 250 is optimized to handle a variety of virtualization workloads. Designed for small and midsize businesses, enterprise remote sites, and enterprise lines-of-business that support their own application deployments, the HPE HC 250 is built to be easily managed an IT generalist. You can now quickly deploy and manage a hyper-converged solution in a VMware environment with a fast, simple and efficient appliance.

With today’s release of the newly updated HPE HC 250, you now have even more choices to meet your ever-changing business needs. The HPE HC 250 delivers a more cost-effective, simple and efficient way to deploy self-contained solutions at remote locations or meet small enterprise and departmental-specific needs. You can choose to start small with a 2-node configuration and grow an existing installation one node at a time (up to 4 nodes per platform), scaling easily as your business grows. This results in giving you a lower cost of entry while providing more infrastructure flexibility, making it easier to meet your current needs.

New capabilities for the HPE HC 250 include:

Start smaller and grow with:

  • 4-port 1GbE network adapters for smaller installations like branch offices and manufacturing sites

Accelerate larger data sets on your virtual workloads with:

  • New All-Flash Storage option with 1.6TB SSDs1
  • New Hybrid Storage option with 800GB SSDs1

Additional views to your system in the software:

  • OneView for vCenter 7.8 Dashboard for HC 250 installation provides views to the number of system, nodes and resources used

Act Now

Watch this video to learn how City of Los Angeles was able to obtain huge time, space and cost savings with HPE Hyper Converged. Get started today with the HPE HC 250!

Learn more about the HPE HC 250.

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1 SSD capacity as used by the HC 250 after additional capacity reservation to meet performance and wear life targets.


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