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The HPE Synergy Journey: From early design to the datacenter


As announced a few weeks ago, HPE Synergy is now available and shipping. HPE Synergy, the first platform built from the ground up for Composable Infrastructure, offers an experience that empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously. HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services. Through a single interface, HPE Synergy composes physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric pools into any configuration for any application. As an extensible platform, it easily enables a broad range of applications and operational models such as virtualization, hybrid cloud, and DevOps.

To understand how HPE allows IT to become a business partner that can rapidly launch new applications that become the business, I spoke to several teams that worked on HPE Synergy. As a result, several informal Periscope sessions were recorded calling this series: Inside Scoop to the HPE Synergy Journey. And the journey begins….

Identifying the problem:

After spending a lot of time with customers, Ray Nix, HPE Synergy Product Manager, explains that siloes of infrastructure within a traditional IT environment, “make it difficult to provision and manage traditional workloads and applications. Yet customers need to deploy applications quickly.”  IT wants an infrastructure that has the flexibility to run traditional workloads more efficiently and the ability to provide continuous delivery of applications, all running on the same infrastructure from within their datacenter.




Watch the full episode to learn about the problems HPE Synergy solves and what makes HPE Synergy unique in comparison to the competition.


Identifying the benefits:

After identifying the typical challenges companies face in their datacenters, HPE's goal is to provide a solution that solves those problems. Kailah Gonzalez, HPE Synergy Product Marketing, explains the four main benefits of HPE Synergy: “Reduce costs and overprovisioning, deploy at cloud-like speed, simplify updates, and develop more applications faster.”  With HPE Synergy, IT is able to run anything, move faster, work efficiently and unlock value for the company.




Watch the full episode to learn how HPE Synergy delivers 4 key customers benefits.


Building a new category of infrastructure:

IT organizations must run traditional IT applications to support existing business processes and cloud applications that leverage mobility, big data and cloud technologies. Composable infrastructure is the bridge to faster service delivery, empowering IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously and at the speed and flexibility of the cloud—all within your own secure data center.

 Gary Thome, HPE Synergy Chief Architect, explains the three architectural designs for Composable Infrastructure: “Fluid pool of resources, software define intelligence and a unified API.” These architectural design principles allow customers to “deliver applications at speed and to be more operationally efficient”.



Watch the full episode to learn more about Composable Infrastructure, and how it ties into HPE’s The Machine.



Getting started:

HPE understands that every customer is at a different stage when considering new technology. Margot Sechler, HPE Technology Services, explains that customers can start their journey to Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy with a Transformation Workshop to understand where they are today and where they want to go. If there are customers that are interested in learning how HPE Synergy will fit in their environment, they can start with  HPE Synergy Advisory Services. Sechler also explains that for customers ready to buy services for their Synergy products, customers can consider Factory Express, Foundation, Proactive Care, Proactive Advanced or Datacenter Services. Finally, if customers are wanting to try Synergy, but don’t have the budget, they can consider Flexible Capacity.




Watch the full episode to learn about the different types of HPE Synergy Services available to get you started.


Building a Composable infrastructure:

The last team that I talked to was the team that physically builds HPE Synergy in the factory and delivers it to your data center:  ithe Supply Chain Team. Bill Shahan, Americas HPE Synergy Program Manager, explains that depending on the order, a Synergy unit will go through different areas of the factory on its journey to shipment..





Watch the full episode to see how fast you can get your HPE Synergy and learn how customized orders can be built in the Houston  factory.  

Interested in knowing more about HPE Synergy? Contact your local sales rep or channel partner! Learn more about HPE Synergy at or check out the HPE Synergy for Dummies e-book.


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