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The Right Mix (part 1 of 4): An Impetus for Change


Enterprises move at a faster pace today than ever before. The challenges mid to large global enterprises and service providers are compounded by the ease of entry into markets by new players that can move at a faster pace than entrenched companies. To combat this challenge, businesses need to respond faster to changing market conditions.

Enterprises are seeking to implement their right mix of cloud and traditional IT infrastructure, thereby speeding innovation and growth. A solution that focuses on a hybrid infrastructure design is the top choice of many mid to large enterprises. 15-14-56.jpg

The main advantage of implementing a hybrid infrastructure solution is the ability to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes, which increases agility and scalability. Benefits include increased IT productivity, reduced costs, and a further shift of funding from a capital expense to an operating expense model.

Data management, security, governance and compliance are all under more scrutiny due to increases in hacking and data misuse. Data vulnerability and loss of control is also a risk for businesses who do not respond to today’s new technologies. Employees are already using public cloud computing resources without the knowledge of the companies they work for. Bypassing internal IT processes and cost controls is putting enterprise capital at risk as files are stored in places that are too easy to access by unauthorized people and not properly backed-up or secured.

To be a leader in any industry today, an enterprise has to lead not only with their adoption of new ideas and innovation, but must also be early adopters of the technological tools that help them bring their products and services to market faster and at less cost. Being a late adopter or follower of technological changes has significant negative consequences to companies that previously lead their respective industries.

The advantages and benefits gained from private and public cloud computing are compelling; the potential business consequences of not doing so are devastating. It’s imperative that enterprises develop a sound strategy and plan that incorporates both private and public cloud computing resources in the right places while integrating with legacy processes and systems.

Companies need to focus on implementing an open, hybrid infrastructure strategy. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s HPE Helion vision is a hybrid strategy that defines your right mix of cutting edge infrastructure, powers your right mix with the best internal and external resources, and optimizes your right mix with leading management tools to ensure success very step of the way. To get started defining your right mix of hybrid IT check out the Right Mix Analysis App

HPE can help you figure out your right mix. 56% of Enterprise customers are looking for assistance to help design and implement their cloud and hybrid infrastructure strategies. As you think about your right mix of hybrid IT infrastructure, begin by working with a trusted partner and OpenStack technology community leader who is committed to your success. Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, resources and products to helping customers plan, power, and manage their hybrid IT infrastructure. HPE has helped over 3000 customers define, power and optimize your right mix for your business.

In this four part blog series we will cover how to define, power and optimize your right mix. The next part to this series is how to define your right mix.

About the Author


Ken Won is the Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing at HPE. He is responsible for marketing the HPE Helion brand and HPE cloud solutions. Before joining HPE, Ken spent over 20 years in the high tech. industry at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, AMD and Force10 Networks. Ken has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.