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The Right Mix (part 2): Define Your Right Mix


In the first article of this blog series, I discussed the impetus for changing to a hybrid infrastructure. In this part I’ll discuss how to define your right mix.
Helion_Social_Cards_EnterpriseUK_400x267_v6.jpgAs discussed in the prior blog to this series, implementing an open hybrid infrastructure strategy is the solution to remaining competitive. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) believes a hybrid strategy that defines your right mix of technology, powers your right mix with the appropriate combination of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT environments, and optimizes your right mix with leading management tools will ensure success in meeting your requirements for performance, cost, security, compliancy, SLA’s and other key factors, every step of the way.

HPE believes most enterprises should be using a mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT resources. Hybrid infrastructure is the combination of these three elements. A key to creating an optimal hybrid infrastructure strategy is to define your right mix of these three deployment platforms, specific to your industry and business. Private cloud is ideal for workloads that have specific security or compliance requirements or that require specific hardware to meet performance expectations. Public cloud is ideal for temporary workloads or workloads that have large variances in demand. Traditional IT is best for supporting legacy applications that are not economically (or technically) feasible to move into a cloud platform as well as for applications that have a very steady, unchanging demand profile.

To define your right mix of hybrid infrastructure, you need to look at each workload and analyze which platform is best, based on criteria important to your business such as:
- Cost to implement and operate
- Government or industry regulatory requirements
- Geo-political considerations
- Performance requirements
- Security and privacy requirements
- Availability and reliability
- Corporate IT standards
- Contractual terms and conditions

Knowing the answer to these requirements for each workload will help you determine the ideal deployment platform to use.
The right mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT is different for every company and every industry. There is no one-size-fits-all hybrid IT solution. But getting started on defining your right mix is absolutely critical to staying competitive in today’s markets. Doing this will transform your IT resources into a strategic advantage for your business.

As you think about your right mix of hybrid IT infrastructure, start by working with a vendor that has extensive experience helping organizations transform their IT and is committed to your success. Over 56% of enterprise customers seek out assistance to design and implement their hybrid IT infrastructure. HPE has significant experience working with global organizations to transform their IT and have helped over 3000 customers around the world with defining, powering and governing their right mix of hybrid IT infrastructure.

A great way to get started is by looking at your current use of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT, then determine your plans for the next couple years and compare your plans with other organizations like yours. You can do this with the HPE Helion Right Mix web application. Take a few minutes to answer some questions and you’ll see how your plans compare to other similar organizations. You’ll also be able to download a complete report by 451 Research about how other companies are planning their hybrid infrastructure.

Watch for the third article in this series, where I’ll talk about powering your right mix.

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Ken Won is the Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing at HPE. He is responsible for marketing the HPE Helion brand and HPE cloud solutions. Before joining HPE, Ken spent over 20 years in the high tech. industry at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, AMD and Force10 Networks. Ken has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.

Elena Dobre

Hello Ken -  nice blog post! Do you happen to know what happened to this link: I'm trying to take a look at the Right Mix app, but the link is not working :( 

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