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The ink’s still wet, but already customers are choosing HPE



LainieGuthrie.jpgBy Lainie Guthrie, Vertical/Market Program Manager, HPE

With Dell’s acquisition of EMC closed on September 7, 2016, customers are already choosing HPE for the quality of partnerships and products they need to deliver the business outcomes they’re looking for.  

They’ve made their choice. Have you made yours?

“HPE has better service” - an on-demand service provider replaces EMC with HPE

GO-JEK—a fast-growing transportation and lifestyle services provider in Indonesia—chose HPE as its infrastructure partner to launch new, on-demand services targeted at improving the quality of life for consumers.

“We chose HPE as the platform to build our private cloud. I used to use EMC in previous implementations, but we chose … to do more of an OpenStack format where each server would have its own hard drives. HPE has better service in the country, so if I have any issues, it’s easier for me to get replacement parts. We can easily customize [the configuration] the way we want it. We just want to focus on building our business which is what we’re very good at. That’s why we chose HPE. It allows us to focus on innovation and scaling our services,” said Rama Notowidigdo, Chief of Product at GO-JEK, Indonesia.

Watch the video on YouTube.

“It’s about the future” - a large retailer moves from Dell to HPE

A large retailer with over 400 stores serving millions of unique in-store customers each month has a server in each store connected to two large data centers. With aggressive growth goals, the retailer is in the process of bigstock--137787320.jpgrefreshing its existing infrastructure to enable the analysis of trillions of transactions to provide cognitive, location-based retail marketing for an enhanced customer buying experience utilizing in-store Aruba wireless environments.

“Even though [Dell Compellant] is a good product, it’s tiered to a certain level of the market that we’ve grown out of … In a refresh it’s not about looking at what you had, it’s about the future. It’s to have a partner. I’m not interested in someone dropping off hardware and then leaving. I’m interested in someone who’s going to install it for me, manage it, make sure they do firmware updates and whatever else is required—and take the headache away from me. We’re going to double in the next five years so we’re looking at—probably—being the third largest retailer in Australia, and the only way we can [do that] is with a good partner,” said the retailer’s CIO.

“No change” precedes divestment to pay for the deal

Michael Dell shared an open letter on Dell Technologies new website. In it, he states that—for Dell and EMC customers—there will be “no change to your support interactions, processes, resources, or contacts.”

Wolf Street—a commentator on economic, business, and financial issues and opportunities—highlighted the reason why “no change” isn’t really an option. Street said, “They’re not dilly-dallying around cutting costs … Dell needs to save some money, one way or the other. Dell’s corporate credit rating is at the upper end of junk. It’s loaded to the gills with debt, stemming from when it was taken private. Now the EMC deal has piled new debt on the company, including $20 billion of bonds it sold in May, followed by a $5-billion leveraged loan.”[1]

And just five days after the deal closed, Canadian OpenText Corp. announced that it had signed a deal to buy Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD)—including Documentum—for $1.62 billion USD. The “associated services and employees of ECD will be integrated into OpenText.”

So much for “no change”! What impact will cost cutting have on you, as a Dell Technologies customer?

Make the smart choice: Choose the partner you can trust

To find out more about what HPE can do for you and why you can trust us to do what’s right for your business, talk to your HPE Account Rep or HPE Channel Partner today. Learn more at



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