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The secret to my success! Composable Infrastructure customers share their stories



bigstock-Secret-conversation-117019589.jpgIn February, Houston hosted the Big Game – the biggest game of the season in the NFL. People from all over the world flocked to the city I call home to experience the best we had to offer in food, entertainment, and ultimately, football. Yet, without a Houstonian’s recommendation or previous experience in the city, those who came for the game missed out on the insider knowledge of where to go and what to do. Because after all, who knows a city better than the locals?

That same principal is true when you are considering updating the infrastructure in your datacenter. It’s fine to read about what the fastest, most cost-effective solutions are. But where you really glean the most valuable information is hearing from other customers who have already made their infrastructure decisions and can recommend a product to fit your needs.

Composable infrastructure is an idea that has really only started taking shape in the last several years. Composable infrastructure is made up of fluid resource pools that can be composed and recomposed to fit the needs of the application or workload. Numerous white papers and product briefs extol the benefits of composable infrastructure. Yet what speaks most to the true business value of composability is the customer stories of those who are already using the technology in their datacenters.

Support for the Traditional and New Style of IT

Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems, manufactures 52 aircraft per month, so they need rock-solid infrastructure.

Boeing can’t afford to have outages and downtime; therefore, they have a traditional IT environment that provides stability. Yet, they also need to be able to quickly innovate in order to keep up with their competition. That’s where composable infrastructure comes in.

To deliver on their composable infrastructure needs, Boeing has turned to HPE Synergy to help them solve specific business challenges. One of the things that interested Boeing about HPE Synergy is the way it is designed from the ground up to support both the stable, traditional IT and the more agile, DevOps model. HPE Synergy provides stability and allows Boeing to continually deliver the rock-solid service people have come to expect.

To hear more about Boeing’s composable infrastructure experience, check them out on stage at HPE Discover Vegas in this video.

Near-Instant Access to Resources, In Any Configuration

HudsonAlpha is a nonprofit research institute with an extensive educational program and genomic medicine clinic. They employ close to 20 faculty investigators who conduct genomic research in multiple disease areas.

As a data-intensive organization that generates more than one petabyte of data a month, HudsonAlpha has the challenge of ensuring their data is quickly available on-demand for multiple purposes. In addition, HudsonAlpha requires powerful compute infrastructure to meet the demands of its in-house developed genomics algorithms and applications. To keep up with the increasing demands of users and manage the growing amounts of data, HudsonAlpha needs to modernize its IT infrastructure.

HudsonAlpha looked to composable infrastructure to make better use of its data and to increase DNA sequencing and compute capacity required by its tenant businesses. By deploying HPE Synergy, HudsonAlpha can now provision hardware quickly using server-based templates and almost instantaneously provision software. In addition, HudsonAlpha’s storage capacity has increased, their cost-per-terabyte has been lowered and HPE Synergy provides limitless possibilities to adjust IT infrastructure to meet workload needs. HPE Synergy also delivers strategic cost savings and the hybrid environment easily meets the company’s data demands -- which are constantly growing.

For more on HudsonAlpha’s success using HPE Synergy, check out this quick video.

Datacenter Modernization to Increase Agility

Liberty Global, a European-wide cable operator to more than 29 million customers, needed to become more agile and adaptive to meet the changing needs of their customers. Liberty Global needed to change the way they were working, from using point-based solutions that were incredibly complex to manage, to a simplified, fast, flexible approach.

Liberty Global turned to composable infrastructure to turn up the dial on key areas in their datacenter that were holding them back. Through HPE Synergy, Liberty Global saw increased customer agility and service provisioning and was able to drive a lower TCO in their datacenter. And, HPE Synergy allowed Liberty global to speed up deployment, move to a simplified centralized management platform and increase their scalability – all of which saves even more time and money.

These customers were some of the first to experience composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy in their datacenters. They are customers who are living and breathing the technology, day in and day out, and letting it drive innovation, agility and efficiency for their business. These businesses let the new technology and capabilities of composability help solve some of their most challenging datacenter issues. By offering their stories to others, they are giving insider (or locals only!) access to one of the newest, most innovative technologies.

To hear more about the datacenter challenges that Liberty Global has overcome with HPE Synergy, watch this video.

Still want more technical details? Check out Composable Infrastructure for Dummies and HPE Synergy for Dummies.


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