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The time has come: HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is orderable!


After much anticipation, HPE is excited to share that HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is now available to order!  HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organizations to run Azure consistent services in their data center, providing a simplified development, management and security experience that is consistent with Azure public cloud services.

Organizations are asking for hybrid cloud

To enable innovation, enterprises are demanding IT solutions that can be delivered quickly, simply and cost effectively.  With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, businesses can meet their most challenging IT requirements including data sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements.  They can also run high performance analytics and edge and disconnected applications, as well as provide a platform for modern application development. 

At the same time, service providers are looking for a solution that enables them to offer managed cloud services that will meet their customers’ requirements.   HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables service providers to offer managed cloud services across Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack.  This means service providers can increase revenue with hybrid cloud offerings by offering consistent development environments for their customers.  In addition, service providers can customize their offerings with a highly configurable solution that can meet the needs of the services they offer. 

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is Gaining Momentum

Over the past several months, HPE has been working with customers around the world to validate HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack.  HPE is seeing tremendous traction from both enterprises and service providers that see the value in a Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud solution and are moving forward with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Saxo Bank, a Danish investment banking company, will be using HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack to deploy global applications and workloads seamlessly across the cloud and Azure Stack, allowing them to comply with regulatory requirements, security constraints and business policies.

“Our current platform, built on HPE innovations, has proven to be best in class.  With a server infrastructure made exclusively on HPE technology, we have experienced the highest levels of performance and reliability.  We see Azure Stack on HPE hardware as being a natural extension, investing time and resources with a dedicated team that is known to us.” – Ib Tornøe, Senior Director, Saxo Bank

The global consulting firm, PwC, is partnering with HPE and Microsoft on solution design and development.

“As cloud adoption accelerates within the enterprise, one thing remains clear:  across industries, our clients continue to invest in hybrid, multi-cloud platforms.  PwC is excited to be partnering with Microsoft and HPE around Azure and the Azure Stack to assist our combined clients across strategic planning, architecture, migration, organizational change, and operations.” – Rohit Antao, Advisory Partner, PwC

Daisy Group, a leading independent unified communications provider, will be using HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack to evolve from a traditional service provider to a managed services cloud broker. With the hybrid cloud solution, they will be able to provide an end-to-end SLA across an entire hybrid solution.

“The HPE Azure Stack solution allows us to provide managed services that offer the benefits of public cloud while meeting compliance and data sovereignty requirements.  HPE Pointnext expertise in cloud technology combined with our knowledge and skills made it easier for us to bring these new services to our customers.” – Mark Scaife, Director of Cloud Strategy, Daisy Group

HPE can meet your hybrid cloud needs

If you’re looking to extend your Azure investment, look to a partner with experience with Microsoft and Azure, as well as deep hybrid cloud expertise. 

“Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are building on a 30-year partnership to deliver an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution that meets the needs of our shared customers.  In addition, joint HPE and Microsoft innovation centers help organizations experience first-hand the value of hybrid cloud with HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack.” – Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Azure Infrastructure Management, Microsoft Corp.

In addition, only HPE can deliver:

High density DRAM and high core count enables 50% higher compute capacity.

Over 4000 technical experts with deep expertise on Azure and hybrid cloud technologies.

A highly configurable solution available with options for number of nodes, processor type, memory and storage.

Joint HPE-Microsoft Azure Stack Innovation Centers, allowing you to test drive use cases in the world’s largest Azure Stack environment.

Integrated system management to simplify operations.

A complete portfolio of consulting, professional and operational services provided by HPE Pointnext.

How can you get HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack?

The HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack hardware solution is orderable now with hardware pricing and support starting at $300K-$400K, depending on the configuration.  More information on the pay-as-you-use software pricing is available from Microsoft.

HPE and Microsoft are working together to jointly engineer the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution.  We are very close to finalizing availability dates and will share those details later this year.

Learn more about HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack today!

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