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The top 5 Discover London sessions you can’t afford to miss


While your schedule for HP Discover London 2015 starts to fill up, make sure these 5 must-see sessions from HP Converged Data Center Infrastructure are on your list (your IT and your customers will thank you!)


Ric Lewis.jpg1. Tuesday, December 1, beginning at 4:30 PM, join Ric Lewis, Senior VP and GM of Converged Data Center Infrastructure for his spotlight keynote session, Beyond convergence; is your infrastructure composable? Lewis will explains how as IT has continued to evolve from a cost center to a value creator for the enterprise, time-to-value has become the new priority. Learn how the next generation of infrastructure must not only be more efficient, but also more programmable, automated and orchestrated (Something we call “composability.”) Join us to learn how composability across compute, storage and networking holds the keys to building a bridge to tomorrow’s applications by removing complexity, increasing control and accelerating service delivery.


2. On Wednesday, December 2 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, come hear about Infrastructure for the Idea Economy. Join us to discover how living and working in the Idea Economy has made it easier than ever to turn ideas into new products, services, applications, and industries.  We’ll discuss how meeting the challenge the Idea Economy poses means leveraging the power of technology to quickly fuel the creative process and bring ideas to life and why a new architecture is needed—one that is designed to power innovation and value creation for the new breed of applications, while more efficiently running traditional workloads.


3. From 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM on Thursday, December 3, don’t miss Solving the most pervasive issues in your data center environment with Composable Infrastructure, presented by VP of Marketing for HP Converged Datacenter Infrastructure, Paul Miller. This session focuses on an infrastructure that lets you develop, test and deploy revenue-generating applications and services faster than your competitors. Discover how managing the complexities of your data center is consuming too much of your IT budget and how to run your traditional workloads more efficiently with HP Composable Infrastructure.


4. Later on Thursday, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM, Software-Defined Datacenter Management using Infrastructure as Code will take a look at “Infrastructure as code” as a centerpiece of HPE Composable Infrastructure strategy.  By controlling infrastructure programmatically, IT administrators can use a software-defined approach to datacenter management to meet business needs for speed and reliability.  Infrastructure can then be linked to other DevOps tools to enable continuous delivery of applications and services.


5. And also on Thursday, starting at 1:30 PM, come learn how you can Map your journey to HPE Composable Infrastructure. This session will explain how in today’s world, IT success is defined by your ability to engage employees, drive continuous delivery of services to your customers, and fuel growth; all at lightning speed. Join us to learn how HPE’s new Composable Infrastructure architecture is designed to specifically help you meet the increasing demands from your business.


If you still need to register for the event, check out all the details here. And follow us on Facebook to see all of the news, pictures and updates from Discover London 2015.




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