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TheCUBE interview offers more details on HP Composable Infrastructure and Project Synergy


At HP Discover in Vegas last month, Paul Durzan, VP of Product Management for HP ConvergeSystem, met with Dave and John of theCUBE to provide details on the new Project Synergy and HP Composable Infrastructure.


In the interview, Durzan starts by explaining how the new HP Composable Infrastructure is helping businesses move into the future, the New Style of Business.  “Everything is about software. The future is moving toward software and because of this infrastructure needs to be composable, or software-defined. We call it ‘software as code’,” explains Durzan.


Project Synergy is the first phase of the HP Composable Infrastructure initiative. This phase is focused on the release of a Unified API, native in HP OneView, and the HP Composable Infrastructure Partner Program (more on that program can be found here). The unified API allows ISV’s support customer’s requirements for the traditional IT and the digital economy.


In one scenario, Durzan explains what the new Composable Infrastructure may look like in a typical datacenter: “For example, a business today either has to build a cloud native platform or a traditional platform for their applications - two different investments for two separate types of applications. So we created Composable Infrastructure to bridge the gap between the two, to create fluid pools of resources that you can optimize for each application. And those pools, combined with the unified API, allows you to take your workflow and align it to the infrastructure and is your point of automation.


He also points out that one of the key benefits of moving to a Composable Infrastructure is that businesses are safeguarding their investments for the future. “One of our philosophies is that as you move to the future, we preserve your investment as much as possible. So these open APIs can be used today and put on today’s infrastructure, but they will translate as you move to the future. They are essentially the roadmap to the future.”

Check out the entire interview with theCUBE, below:




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