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Three Ways to get your own Private AWS Cloud


This will sound a bit odd coming from one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure hardware, but we believe every company can benefit from the public cloud. Whether those benefits are costs, agility or speed to market depends on why and how you use the public cloud. At HPE, we help customers adopt public clouds like AWS and Azure every day, but what happens when government regulations or business policies threaten those benefits? 

If you’ve built cloud-native applications, those that specifically rely on a cloud provider’s services and API, you would probably consider re-architecting the application to abstract away the cloud. A better option that avoids the cost, effort and time of code changes is to simply deploy the application into a private cloud. For Microsoft Azure users, the applications would be into a private cloud version of Azure known as Azure Stack. AWS users, on the other hand, have three options.

1) Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud



This is the most AWS-like experience you can get from any private cloud solution. This is a private cloud environment, fully managed by HPE, with the capability to span multiple regions and availability zones. It is powered by Eucalyptus 4.3–the open source implementation of AWS services trusted by some of the largest companies on the planet–and available with consumption-based pricing.


2) Eucalyptus on-premises 21-39-45.png

Since Eucalyptus is open source, anyone can install Eucalyptus private clouds in their own datacenter. Deploy as large a cloud as you need to host your cloud-native applications without any additional spend. Of course, HPE offers support and services help that can accelerate your path to success. 


3) Make it rain $$$

If you have an extra $600M to spare, you could be like the CIA and strike a unique deal with Amazon to operate a private instance of AWS.

In my next post, we’ll discuss how one customer used HPE’s Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud to augment their AWS strategy and help win business.

Visit the HPE Helion Eucalyptus web site to learn more.

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