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Three focus areas for implementing the right mix of hybrid IT for private and hybrid cloud use cases


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has talked a lot about the importance of getting “your right mix” of hybrid IT, which involves:


  • Defining your right mix by assessing the unique needs of your applications to identify the optimal mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT that will accelerate the delivery of applications and services to your internal and external customers
  • Powering your right mix with IT infrastructure that is cost optimized and will deliver not only the application services you need today, but is flexible enough to be transformed to deliver future services as well.
  • Optimizing your right mix by automating and orchestrating your operations to simplify the management, security and continuous delivery of your hybrid IT environment.


So where do you start in planning and implementing this right mix and how do you most effectively and quickly reach your ideal right mix? Some of the best practices that HPE employs within their right mix, as well as with the customers they work with are now in a new technical white paper. The paper puts these best practices and recommended methodologies at your fingertips to speed and simplify your transformation to the right mix of hybrid IT to enable your top private and hybrid cloud use cases. It starts with guidance on the three critical areas to focus on as you plan your transformation, 3 associated key priorities, along with best practices and recommendations to implement, for each focus area.


Three IT transformation focus areas

When planning the implantation of your hybrid IT infrastructure, focus on building in capability that accelerates the delivery and automation of new digital services. Identifying which applications and digital services need to be accelerated helps define your specific right mix requirements and also determine where to optimally run them.


Focus on key digital platform renovations to create a flexible infrastructure across both traditional IT and cloud infrastructure that can be continuously re-configured and renovated using cost-optimized workload platforms. Being able to easily reconfigure and repurpose, in addition to performance gains from new technology, will allow you to provide the right hybrid infrastructure to power your right mix of current and future IT and cloud services.


You will also want to focus on evolving to a hybrid IT model by integrating the enterprise IT management environment across IT teams, infrastructure layers, processes, providers, and organizational users. This ensures that the operations of hybrid IT are seamless and meet expectations as users and IT management move effortlessly between public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT resources.


Three key priorities for each IT transformation focus area

Each focus area has three key priorities that an enterprise needs to put front and center in their IT transformation strategy. Each of these priorities comes with its own checklist of recommended best practices for implementation, to help your team work through the specific points to research or develop. These checklists pull together the collective expertise of many different customer scenarios and HPE experts to help guide you through the transformation process and illuminate the more nuanced or more ellusive points.. The paper presents the “how to” guidance for each of the three priorities including:


  • To accelerate the delivery and automation of new digital services, accelerate your cloud-native application development, enable choice between multiple cloud services, and plan in the best automation and orchestration tools available.


  • To create a flexible infrastructure, modernize your platforms and workloads by using breakthrough technologies that enable faster service delivery. Consolidate your data center floor space in a way that matches the new demands of the business. Finally, migrate off of proprietary legacy systems to the maximum extent possible.


  • To evolve to a hybrid IT model, enable a cloud service-centric operating model that delivers IT as a service rather than just infrastructure. Become a broker of the entire digital supply-chain that optimizes the delivery of applications and services, regardless of which cloud service is being used. And last, evolve your IT workforce so that they can master the use of the new technologies and management capabilities the hybrid IT environment provides.


Put the cloud to work on your most important use case priorities

Getting to your right mix of hybrid IT is critical to remaining cost competitive and agile in the idea economy. Take a few minutes to download and read the entire white paper on “How to transform to the right mix of hybrid infrastructure”. It contains more details and practical specifics on transforming to an agile hybrid IT environment, including best practice checklists for the transformation focus areas and the associated key priorities. The paper can help you not only implement your move to hybrid IT and cloud infrastructure faster and with less risk, but can also help you apply the methodology to your specific use case needs. To get the business outcomes you are looking for, read the full paper to help put the cloud to work as part of your overall transformation to a hybrid IT strategy.  


Recommended Resources:

For the latest research, customer case studies and best practices on these use cases explore the HPE use case site.


You can also register for a Transform to Hybrid Infrastructure Transformation Workshop where the same experts who helped develop the valuable methodology discussed in the paper will spend the day with you and your team to help develop your own customized transformation roadmap.


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Deborah Martin is a cloud enthusiast with over 7 years in creating cloud solutions for multiple industries and business needs. She is part of the HPE Helion team that works to promote and educate on solutions for key business use cases for cloud computing