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To work efficiently, each person has a role in hyperconverged!


In order to make any business function well, a group of people must come together and work cooperatively. Each person in the group has a role that aligns with  a set of expert skills. The latest version of HPE Hyper Converged software provides unique workspaces and access for these individual roles, which ensures more flexibility and agility for the entire group.

The feature lets the IT operator assign roles to users based on specific job-related tasks. Combined with self-service access, the role-based access gives your lines of business or developers the flexibility to access the resources they need instantly.

IT Insights logo.pngEpisode 4 of IT Insights explains in more detail the different hyperconverged roles and benefits of this capability. IT Insights are 3 to 7 minute episodes, each focused on a different aspect of the datacenter (season 1 focuses on hyperconverged) that help you understand the latest IT Industry insights.

Bharath Vasudevan speaks to Tony Lagera, AMS – Central Region Business Development Manager for Software Defined Storage/ HyperConverged, about the three different hyperconverged roles:

  • Superuser- allocates resources to be used in a set location(s)
  • Workspace Admin – allocates resources to users
  • End User – allocates resources to use for themselves

As Bharath explains, having different roles allows companies to grant resources to the right users with the right permission in the right time frame.

Watch the full episode of IT Insights, Season 1, Episode 4 here: Different Hyperconverged Roles

And learn more HPE Hyper Converged solutions.


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