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Top 10 reasons to move to composable infrastructure

Chris Purcell

We all remember how much fun it was to build stuff with Lego blocks, right? Imagine how much more fun it would be if the blocks could duplicate themselves whenever you wanted, and if they were programmed so that you could quickly construct, say, an ocean liner, then deconstruct it at the touch of a button and turn it into a skyscraper.

Now imagine if you could do something similar with your IT infrastructure. Think disaggregated, fluid pools of compute, storage and network fabric that you could quickly assemble and re-assemble to meet the exact needs of whatever application you’re wanting to deploy. You could spin up resources for a mission-critical business transaction application or a new cloud-native app with equal ease, all from the same pool of fluid resources.

It’s not a perfect analogy – nothing happens by magic in the data center – but I love this Lego picture of composable infrastructure. Can’t take credit for it myself, the idea comes from research firm Frost & Sullivan, quoted in our new eBook The top ten reasons to move to Composable Infrastructure.

graphic.jpgThe eBook explains how composable infrastructure can make a big difference to your business. For example, composability enables you to move with cloud-like speed, giving the new generation of cloud-native and mobile apps the kind of support that DevOps teams demand from your datacenter. Composability can also help you hold down costs by eliminating over-provisioning and simplifying administration. It can prepare your data center to tackle challenges like big data and the Internet of Things. It’s definitely worth your time to download composable infrastructure ebook, it’s a quick read and easy to scan in a couple of minutes.

One last note: if you’re considering an investment in composable infrastructure, it’s important to be clear on what it really is and what it isn’t – because not just any piece of infrastructure in the data center is composable. We created the Composable Infrastructure Bill of Rights to help clarify – see the quick-and-easy reference guide below. For more information, check out Paul Durzan’s post A Composable Infrastructure Bill of Rights and Bill of Rights infographic

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For a concise intro to Composable Infrastructure and what makes it different from other offerings in the market, I’d recommend Gary Thome’s post Just what the heck is composable infrastructure, anyway?



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