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Top seven use cases driving private and hybrid cloud services for business


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Businesses are accelerating their use of cloud computing infrastructure across all industries and application segments. The reasons for the move to more cloud-based IT services are as varied as the individual clients using them, but the intent is clear. The need for increased business agility, competitive innovation, reduced IT costs and accelerated business growth and performance all play a part in the decision to deliver more services on—and move more applications to—both private and public cloud services. So what are the top cloud use cases that are trending today that businesses are finding as the “sweet-spot” to put cloud services to work, because of the business drivers and benefits they are providing? Well here are the top seven we are seeing the most requests and focus on based on our research across customers, analysts, and partners that should be considerations for your shortlist:


  • Rapid infrastructure provisioning breaks down barriers that limit your business growth and turns IT into the department of “yes” and “now”. Deploying this use case empowers IT to deliver automated, on-demand cloud infrastructure services in minutes for IaaS, dev/test or VM vending to accelerate time-to-market for new apps and services while improving agility and reducing costs.
  • Move traditional applications to cloud to quickly optimize your applications with the right cloud capabilities to compete effectively while minimizing risk and disruption. Implementing this use case helps businesses harness the cloud to power traditional applications, which improve application performance and scalability for a superior user experience while helping reduce costs.
  • Hybrid infrastructure for AWS expands your AWS public cloud with the right mix of private cloud to meet business needs. Being able to move applications and data between the AWS public cloud and your AWS-compatible private cloud without friction improves security, performance and cost controls as you balance your CapEx and OpEx investments. Learn more in the HPE Discover session: 
  • Broker and manage multiple clouds to increase control and value across hybrid cloud services. Businesses deploying this use case are enabling their IT teams to make the shift to becoming service providers that broker and control a broader set of internal and external services, in order to meet diverse application demands while minimizing risk and cost. This use case simplifies, optimizes and integrates multiple clouds, cloud application deployment and hybrid cloud management, allowing your business to compete and grow faster.
  • Storage in the cloud supports massively scalable storage to drive business growth without a massive investment. Businesses look to this use case for cost-efficient storage that scales to keep up with the growth of huge pools of unstructured data that are drive business interactions while improving collaboration, data protection, and content access.
  • Develop and deploy cloud-native applications with modernized application development tools and processes that speed innovation and drive business growth. A focus on this use case empowers businesses to dramatically accelerate cloud-native application development, deployment and management allowing for a faster response time to new opportunities or threats.
  • Integrate cloud operations to get the right control, automation and visibility across multiple clouds, cloud layers and traditional IT to boost results. Businesses adding these advanced, integrated cloud management capabilities increase user satisfaction while improving security, compliance, capacity and cost management. See how in this short video: 


 Put the cloud to work on your most important priorities

Each of these use cases has important connections to specific business outcomes that enterprises want to achieve. If your priorities are around increasing business agility and productivity while reducing costs, you’ll want to consider joining other businesses who have, or are considering implementing, rapid infrastructure provisioning and storage in the cloud use cases.  Put cloud to work for your organization by moving traditional applications to the cloud or developing and deploying cloud-native applications to meet your business needs for competitive innovation and new services and customer growth. Increasing business growth and performance objectives can be supported with the use cases of brokering and managing multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure for Amazon AWS, and the integration of cloud operations.

 Enterprises can make notable gains in efficiency, responsiveness and performance with the right mix of hybrid infrastructure. Whatever your right mix of cloud services is calling for, applying it to enable these use cases, and the resulting proven benefits they are providing other enterprises, is a great place to start. Whether you are looking to increase your business agility, improve your competitive innovation or achieve more rapid business growth and performance, HPE Helion delivers the products and expertise to define your right mix, the technology to power it and the control you need to optimize it. With end-to-end, open, enterprise technology, software and services to build and consume your cloud services, HPE Helion addresses your most important use cases.

 Recommended Resources:

For the latest research, customer case studies and best practices on these use cases explore the HPE Helion use case site.


 Learn effective strategies for managing a multi-cloud landscape that meets the needs of multiple use cases and stake holders while taking advantage of golden opportunities to deliver value back to the business by reading the latest  Forrester Brief on multi-cloud strategy.

About the Author


Deborah Martin is a cloud enthusiast with over 7 years in creating cloud solutions for multiple industries and business needs. She is part of the HPE Helion team that works to promote and educate on solutions for key business use cases for cloud computing

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