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Turbocharge devOps by shifting left with composable infrastructure



HPE20170223005.jpgBy guest bloggers Ingolf Buttig, Didier Lalli and Eric J. Bruno, HPE

The benefits of DevOps are widely understood. They include breaking down barriers between software developers and other IT teams, improving collaboration and communication, and automating the application workload delivery and infrastructure change processes. This article will look at how to extend DevOps benefits to different workloads, from legacy to cloud native, operated on public or private clouds with HPE Synergy, the industry’s first instantiation of composable infrastructure.

HPE Synergy: The Heart of DevOps-Ready Infrastructure

Depending on organization maturity, the effective practice of development and operations engineers working together on the entire service lifecycle is a necessity to sustain line of business (LOB) requirements. Traditionally, organizations have created borders and formal communication channels that got in the way. These barriers not only slow down the process, they also create unnecessary complexity. DevOps encourages cultural changes within organizations to fix this problem. Further, DevOps tools and modern composable infrastructure help build fully automated solutions, all defined simply as code, to avoid manual interactions, potential errors, and delays.

However, there’s another factor at play: application deployment types, including legacy, native, and cloud-based. From HPE’s view, DevOps is extended to help combine the teams to jointly work on these pipelines. The result is a more thoroughly orchestrated approach to IT both horizontally (i.e. infrastructure and environment assembly and reassignment) and vertically (i.e. application and software service deployment).

Shifting Left for DevOps

HPE Synergy combines the infrastructure and software components into a single delivery pipeline for both development and production environments. This is referred to as a shift-left DevOps approach, where automated processes assemble and deploy dev/test environments exactly as they are in production to support a continuous testing strategy.

To maximize efficiency, HPE Synergy allows you to implement DevOps processes as policies for compute, security, network, and storage setup. These policies are defined as code, which have tremendous benefits. For example, the code for the infrastructure supporting the application can be stored, edited and version-controlled, as the application is, using the same processes and OpenSource toolsets (i.e. Github, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Python, PowerShell, and others).

Another way HPE Synergy enables DevOps is through behavioral changes around assembling and tearing down infrastructure. In this case, instead of patching deployments, which is risky and might introduce instability, IT staff simply rips and replaces it virtually. The HPE Synergy Image Streamer appliance allows you to compose new infrastructure from the bottom up, all based on policies expressed as code, and supports fully automated deployments. By streamlining the deployment and update processes, organizations gain tremendous flexibility and agility in their operations.

HPE Synergy Powers the Agile Economy

HPE Synergy offers a complete software-defined data center solution for both legacy and modern cloud-based solutions, merging decades of experience in traditional IT with a modern infrastructure-as-code solution. HPE’s focus on integration, tools, and processes enables a DevOps approach to infrastructure composition to satisfy both LOB owners and IT staff.

With programmatic predictability across all infrastructure layers (from firmware through cloud-based services), HPE Synergy enables an even broader spectrum of bare-metal native and cloud-based applications to benefit from rapid development and deployment cycles. HPE Synergy’s guaranteed compatibility removes the need for customization and one-off testing, saving labor and enabling today’s exceptionally rapid development cycles.

To learn more about composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy, download the free e-book: HPE Synergy for Dummies.

Ingolf, Didier and Eric

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