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Unified API in HPE OneView – best building blocks ever!



bigstock--132732113.jpgWhen my kids were young, our home overflowed with Legos -- from the basic multi-colored blocks to the ultra-specialized Star Wars pieces. Everyone loved them because those amazing little blocks provided a simple yet structured way to build almost anything we could dream up. In the same way, developers and IT operations managers love APIs because they provide a defined way to connect diverse software programs so operations can be automated.   

HPE realizes the value of APIs, which is why they have created the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Program. Together, HPE and their partners build solutions that let you reduce the time you spend managing your data center or cloud environment. That means you can spend more time innovating.

With the unified API in HPE OneView, customers can extend the power of infrastructure automation to every aspect of the data center: virtualization, facilities, cloud and DevOps. ISVs as well as line of business developers are using the unified API in HPE OneView to automate infrastructure deployment and updates and manage facilities.

The unified API provides full programmability -- a single line of code can fully describe and provision physical resources required for an application, a virtual host or a container infrastructure. This eliminates time-consuming scripting to low-level tools and interfaces. Using HPE OneView, users can reduce the time it takes to stand up infrastructure from 50 hours to minutes!

For example, HPE was working with a large retail customer moving from Dell servers to HPE ProLiant servers. They asked HPE to convert over 1,000 lines of scripts they used to automate their physical infrastructure. The customer was quoted as saying, “This is horrible, but it works.”

Well, HPE agreed it was horrible, so they suggested a better way. Using HPE OneView, they converted the customer’s 1,000+ lines of customer scripts into 3 simple Python commands to bring in the physical server, configure the storage and networking connectivity and install an OS. 

The unified API in HPE OneView provides a single interface to discover, search, inventory, configure, provision, update, and diagnose the composable infrastructure.  A single line of code fully describes and can provision the infrastructure required for an application, eliminating time-consuming scripting of more than 500 calls to low-level tools and interfaces required by competitive offerings.

Composable Ecosystem.png

A growing list of ISV partners are taking advantage of the unified API in HPE OneView to automate their solutions. These partners range from large software suites like VMware® vCenter, Microsoft® System Center, and HPE Software to focused solution providers like Chef, Docker, Ansible, Arista, Eaton, nLyte, Schneider Electric and many others. 

With integrations built by these partners, you no longer have to spend valuable time on writing, debugging, and updating custom scripts.  HPE has also built-in integrations with key HPE analytic management tools that help you anticipate and resolve problems before they impact business services and optimize capacity across compute, storage and network resources.

Customers all over the world are making architecture decisions for the data centers – decisions that will determine how successfully they can compete in the digital economy today and into the future. Powered by HPE OneView, HPE’s composable ecosystem of partners helps deliver applications and services faster and easier. By deploying HPE OneView today, you can put yourself firmly on the path of a composable future – with building blocks that simplify and accelerate innovation.

For a look at all of the HPE ecosystem partners, plus direct access to manage of the integrations and developer tools, see

If you are attending HPE Discover London 2016 beginning on November 29th, HPE will have sessions and demos aimed at giving customers the chance to see the difference HPE OneView can make in their datacenters. Below are a few sessions and demos that may interest you.


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