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Unleash the Hydra...I Mean Hybrid Cloud


Guest post by André Bearfield, Senior Director of Product at Blue Box


In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a multi-headed monster which grows two heads when one is cut off, quickly overpowering all who attempt to bring it under control. A hybrid cloud deployment done wrong can also escalate into something fierce and unpredictable. BUT, done correctly, a hybrid cloud combining elements of both private and public cloud can successfully accomplish what neither can achieve alone.


When the OpenStack Foundation first reached out to us about a project to develop a hybrid cloud solution in concert with HP and digital post-production film company, DigitalFilm Tree, we couldn’t possibly say no, especially given our background in hybrid cloud deployments.


We understand the value of a hybrid cloud strategy for the media industry, having worked with a variety of media and gaming customers whose bandwidth and data-intensive workloads could be a challenge for any cloud infrastructure operator. Though Blue Box is focused on private cloud, the elastic nature of public cloud is understandably compelling in the context of constantly expanding and contracting storage, compute and networking needs faced by digital media companies.


Voice of the Enterprise Cloud.PNG



DigitalFilm Tree is a leading film and television editing and post production company. From new series pilots to complex special effects and a variety of video formats, their cloud capacity needs can range dramatically within the span of just a few months. New shows can start or stop with little advance notice.


Before deploying their hybrid cloud, DigitalFilm Tree’s workflow spanned multiple private cloud locations, including Vancouver and Los Angeles. By expanding their workflow beyond traditional private cloud to include HP Public Cloud and hosted, private Blue Box Cloud, both powered by OpenStack technology, they successfully met two key needs: workload and data portability, and simple, secure federated identity.


Digital Film Tree.PNG


We encourage everyone attending next week’s OpenStack Summit in Vancouver to attend the Monday morning keynote at 9:00 a.m., which features OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce, DigitalFilm Tree CTO Guillaume Aubuchon, and HP OpenStack Keystone PTL Morgan Fainberg speaking on this topic.


What our teams have been able to accomplish with respect to interoperability, workload management, and data portability—powered by OpenStack technology—is impressive. We at Blue Box are proud to have played a key part.


For those interested in the technical deep dive, featuring Blue Box’s own Jesse Keating, it’s happening later in the afternoon at 3:40 p.m. in room 220.



This blog post was reposted with permission. You can find the original post at

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