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Upcoming “Must Attend” HPE OneView and Composable Webinars


By guest blogger, MaryJane Vazquez

With the holiday season fast approaching I’ve already begun creating my shopping list for the start of the upcoming shopping frenzy.  Yes, I am one of those folks that likes to be done shopping by early December so I can relax and enjoy the remainder of the season!   So as you prepare to mentally compile your list…take the time and register for the following upcoming webinars on HPE OneView and Composable infrastructure. Here’s your opportunity to automate and simplify management for your IT organization in 2016!

The upcoming HPE Infrastructure Management webinar sessions focus on HPE OneView 2.0 as well as Composable Infrastructure–both are geared to help you streamline and improve your infrastructure management. HPE OneView simplifies day-to-day infrastructure management, allowing you to pool and allocate software-defined and physical resources through a single, interface. You can automate time-consuming manual tasks, such as change management, configuration consistency, system software updates and more. A more agile and responsive infrastructure will help drive better outcomes for your business.

Overview of upcoming webinars:

November 18: Automated Firmware Management with HPE OneView 2.0 - Learn about the latest HPE OneView lifecycle management enhancements that will help you streamline and simplify your IT management. Learn how HPE OneView 2.0 can help your IT organization baseline and update system software, providing fast and easy compliance monitoring, plus new profile mobility enhancements to flexibly migrate and recover workloads.  New features include automated system software update at scale combined with staged online driver and firmware updates. Find out how HPE OneView provides fast and easy configuration enforcement and compliance monitoring to improve system availability and pinpoint potential errors. Come and learn more about HPE’s plans to take converged management to the next level.

December 9: HPE OneView: The Gateway to Composable Infrastructure & software-defined datacenter management - HPE OneView is a centerpiece of HPE’s Composable Infrastructure strategy which allows organizations to programmatically assemble the resources required to support traditional or cloud native applications in minutes.  By controlling infrastructure programmatically, IT administrators can use a software-defined approach to datacenter management to meet business needs for speed and reliability.  See how HPE OneView makes it easy to define, provision and lifecycle manage compute, storage and fabric resources through profiles and templates.  And understand how HPE OneView’s API enables products like HPE Operations Orchestration, Chef Provisioning, and Docker Machine to easily provision infrastructure with just a single REST call.

Register today and have your questions ready for the experts!

If you’d like to try HPE OneView, you can download your free trial version here.

Mary Jane

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