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Updates to HPE Synergy, HPE Hyper Converged systems deliver on HPE mission to make hybrid IT simple



At HPE Discover 2016 in London, Ric Lewis, SVP and GM of HPE’s new Software-Defined and Cloud Group, detailed the new group’s goal, the latest announcements, and what the nbigstock-Two-men-connect-two-puzzle-pie-127357196.jpgew updates really mean for HPE customers.

Lewis began by laying out the new group’s strategy. “We have a singular mission in Software-Defined and Cloud Group; it’s about making hybrid IT simple for our customers.” As public cloud continues to grow, so does private cloud, explained Lewis. “Our enterprise customers are going to have a hybrid IT environment with both on-premises infrastructure and off-brand infrastructure, and we really want to make that as simple as possible. We want IT providers to be internal service providers to their lines of business.”

As Lewis explained, HPE announced several new technologies that are helping deliver on their mission of making hybrid IT simple. The first of these is the newly updated HPE Hyper Converged 380. The update to this hyperconverged solution includes the new HPE Hyper Converged Operating Environment 2.0 software, which leverages composable technologies to deliver new capabilities to the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel®.

“This new operating environment is really cool because we’ve brought new multi-tenancy technology to it,” Lewis explained. “This means you can have separate lines of business all running on the same HC380 infrastructure at the same time, all within their own Workspaces. And we have created a very simple service portal that allows those lines of business to access their infrastructure and manage as they see fit without the need of submitting service tickets back to IT.”

The second announcement Lewis discussed is the expansion of running HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10. This new expansion delivers full composability to HPE OpenStack® technology-based hybrid cloud platform. Organizations can now operate a single IT environment on premises that supports both traditional applications and cloud-native applications.

“HPE Synergy is our flagship product, and when we bring Helion CloudSystem to it, it allows customers to run private cloud and traditional infrastructure inside the same box, as well as provision across private and public cloud,” Lewis explains. “All of which has customers very excited!”

Watch Lewis’ full interview below. And for more on the announcements made at HPE Discover London 2016, read: Just announced: composability extended to HPE CloudSystem 10 and HPE Hyper Converged solutions.

For more information on HPE Synergy, check out the e-book HPE Synergy for Dummies.


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