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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Almost Ready, Are You?


It is now more obvious than ever that head-mounted displays (HMDs), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will be mainstream in less than three years. Display costs are now rapidly falling, apps and content are becoming more interesting, and the quality of the overall experience is improving. But, there is still much work to do to tie the capabilities to business ROI. At HPE, we believe new user experiences will be key to enable workforce productivity, optimizing operations and processes, and delivering amazing customer experiences.

Virtual Reality is a radical not evolutionary.

googlecardboard.jpgTurn any Smartphone into a Head-mounted Display

Today, anyone can turn a phone (IOS too) using Google Cardboard into a simple VR experience (really it's just 360 video). Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook, is releasing (albeit slowly) powerful new Gear VR and has amassed a community over 75,000 developers. Kleidoscope VR is a world tour – a festival - of visual artists, developers, filmmakers, that seeks artists throughout local communities to build projects and create new experiences.

Augmented reality is in full swing today

In new published research in the Journal of Marketing Management by PhD candidate Ana Javornik, she defines the difference of virtual and augmented realities by their level of proximity with physical reality. While VR exists as a separate entity, AR is the closest one to the physical environment - it is more integrated with it and interactive with it in real-time.

snapchat_horn.jpgSnapchat AR turns a picture into a story

With snapchat you can alter an image to create a more compelling story. You can take a picture of your bathroom and overlay endless possibilities to visualize a renovation. With your smartphone, you can stand next to your broken dishwasher and up pops the user manual. The challenge is to avoid hastily creating an app and instead really figuring out how your customers, partners, supply chain, employees, etc., can benefit. Ana Javornik suggests that companies need a better idea of how consumers would use such technology; more collaboration among computer scientists, designers, and marketers; and a strategy for integrating the applications into the existing consumer journey. I’d suggest they need to start now.

Digital Mesh, Distributed Computing, and Head-Mounted Displays, a perfect storm

At HPE, we are working on the underlying infrastructure and software that can serve a connected world and deliver these immersive experiences at huge scale and low costs. Ultra-low latency, always-on availability, multi-location replication, distributed analytics… delivered by distributed computing technology, such as HPE Helion OpenStack, underpinning a Discover your Right Mix of Cloudthat runs throughout private and public clouds and extends to a digital mesh of edge devices (or Internet of Things). Working together, these capabilities create a perfect storm to enabling immersive experience at home, in the vehicle, throughout a supply chain and in smart cities. App and content security will be critical as most enterprises will never own and control the devices they target and will need to contain and isolate user->app->data.

Strategic business leaders: The time is now

SilentMoments.JPGCapturing experiences to turn static into immersive experiencesIt is now time for every marketing leader and CEO to begin to understand how they can turn today’s static world of engagement into interactive stories that delight customers in new ways or dramatically improve operational processes. Governments can also dramatically improve operations and citizen services. And, society in general can benefit. VR, in particular, has the opportunity to help future generations learn from past generations finally!

For more on this topic, visit EmergeAmericas 2016 and view the VR/AR panel with HPE, Blippar, Matter Unlimited and Strata Americas: The Coming Media Frontier, or Something Entirely Different.

VR and AR are almost ready for primetime, are you?


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