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What can you do fearlessly with HPE? Let HPE know at #HPEiCAN



bigstock-superhero-businessman-looking--117353912.jpgFearless…it’s an interesting word. It means courageous, brave, intrepid. But what exactly makes people fearless?  It’s not that they don’t have fear; instead, it’s that they can successfully manage that fear. Psychologists generally agree that fearless people are willing to step out of their comfort zone and trust that their actions will bring them success.

In business, that kind of fearless behavior usually isn’t built on blind faith. Instead, it’s built on the confidence that the path you are pursuing will lead you to succeed. For years, customers have been relying on HPE to provide them with innovative products that will ensure success. And HPE has done just that.

HPE wants to celebrate that spirit of customer fearlessness with a new #HPEiCAN campaign that will run in conjunction with Discover London 2016, November 29-December 1. They want to hear your HPE story, so join the celebration by sharing a “with HPE I can xxx fearlessly” tweet using the hashtag #HPEiCAN. 

To help get you thinking about how to participate, I’ve highlighted some stories below that spotlight how HPE customers are fearlessly achieving great things with HPE. I hope they inspire you to share with me your “with #HPEiCAN story.”

With HPE I can … speed IT operations fearlessly

FireWhat, Inc. is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and technology company that maps emergency incidents and creates technologies to track responders and assets in and out of the field. They recently installed a HPE Hyper Converged System in every remote trailer to respond faster to wildfires with more accurate information. 

“Now we’re able to push the availability of our data by bringing more data in faster. With the reliability and power of the HPE Hyper Converged 250 platform, we’re able to deliver new data to our responders in 15 minutes instead of 16 hours.” — Sam Lanier, CEO, FireWhat

With HPE I can … simplify IT fearlessly

HudsonAlpha is a nonprofit research institute that built one of the world’s first end-to-end genomic medicine programs to diagnose rare disease. They installed an HPE Synergy platform to make better use of their data and to increase DNA sequencing and compute capacity.

In this video, Jim Hudson, co-founder and Peyton McNully, CIO for HudsonAlpha explains how HPE Synergy simplifies their datacenter and accelerates their research. “With HPE Synergy, we’re able to bring all of the needs of our 34 companies and 200 researchers together and use the resources in the most efficient manner possible,” explains Hudson.

With HPE I can … drive down the cost of ownership fearlessly

ITS Nordic is a Swedish service provider that sought to streamline their infrastructure management, deployments and provisioning in order to save time, money and increase efficiency.

 “HPE OneView saves us a lot of time whenever we add a new server--before it took one or two people up to a day to install a new blade and update all the firmware, but now that time is cut by up to 50 percent. HPE OneView also means that when we add a blade, almost anyone in our office can do it--so I don’t have to use my best people, which saves us money.”  --Hampus Dellenstedt CTO, ITS Nordic

With HPE I can … increase IT flexibility fearlessly

Dish, the hugely successful American satellite television provider, was one of the first 100 Synergy customers. According to recent article in Forbes, Rich Lawson, Senior IT Architect at the company, “…praised Synergy’s flexibility, and its ability to unlock the full potential of the public cloud.”

With HPE I can … strengthen risk management and security fearlessly

North Lindsey College, an associate college of the UK’s University of Lincoln, is the largest provider of post-16 education and training in the region. The college was running out of storage space in their legacy systems, so they recently updated to an HPE Hyper Converged System.

“One of the advantages is the peace of mind that you get from having a fully redundant solution. If anything goes wrong on one of the pieces of equipment, there is another that can take over its functions. You know that users will be able to continue working…Now we don’t have any unplanned downtime at all.” -- Keith Urry, North Lindsey’s senior network officer.

Be fearless with HPE

Hopefully, these stories have inspired you to let me know what you can do fearlessly with HPE. Share them on Twitter and Facebook using #HPEiCAN, and follow @HPE_ConvergedDI to read about other customer’s HPE successes.


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