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What do white water kayaking and IT management have in common?



In the sport of whitewater kayaking, athletes RearView Kayak.pngattempt to navigate a kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible. To successfully complete the course, they need to maintain complete control in a rapidly moving and changing environment filled with obstacles around every corner.

So what do whitewater kayaking and IT management have in common? Control and speed.

Control complexity to speed innovation

Today’s IT teams are expected to build an infrastructure that supports the ever-changing needs of the enterprise of the future. Yet each day, the vast majority of IT’s time is spent navigating through numerous obstacles. How can IT quickly deliver on innovation when the majority of its time and budget is spent maintaining existing systems and trying to control IT operations? How can IT successfully steer through today’s obstacles of legacy systems, multiple management tools, complex firmware updates, shadow IT, and manual processes fraught with human error?

Moving to a converged infrastructure is a great place to start, but it doesn’t do much good to have simplified systems all requiring complex management. If only IT teams had help—for example, an infrastructure management tool that they could rely on to simplify their day-to-day maintenance tasks by removing complexity. If only there were a platform that they could use to drive efficiency with template-based automation. If only there were some way this management tool could simplify not only provisioning and updating, but also deploying new infrastructure and integrating all of their compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.

Taking control with HPE OneView

HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine that simplifies operations, thereby increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services. By using software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView brings a new level of automation to infrastructure management. It takes a template-driven approach to provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. Designed with a modern, standards-based API and supported by a large and growing partner ecosystem, HPE OneView also makes it easy to integrate powerful infrastructure automation into existing IT tools and processes.

As IT teams struggle to navigate the rapids of today’s fast-moving data center, HPE OneView can be the lifesaver they need. By eliminating the complexity of day-to-day tasks and manual processes, HPE OneView can help you regain control, delivering the automation IT needs to speed innovation.

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