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What makes hyperconverged an enterprise grade offering?


Individuality is what make a person unique. There are no two identical people in the world; even twins have their differences. This can be the said about companies as well. Each organization develops, works and functions differently from one another. This is the reason why each hyperconverged vendor has a different value proposition to offer their customers. As Frost and Sullivan put it in a recent article “Providers differ in how they approach hyperconvergence, as well as their specific platforms and offers.” So, what should you be looking for as you choose a hyperconverged provider? This is what the second episode of IT Insights focuses on.

IT Insights logo.pngHewlett Packard Enterprise recently launched a new datacenter technology  video series, called IT Insights, that helps you better understand the latest IT news. IT Insights are 3 to 7 minute episodes that provide IT industry insights highlighting conversations Hewlett Packard Enterprise is having with their customers. In the first season of IT Insights, Bharath Vasudevan speaks to several subject matter experts about hyperconverged.

In episode 1, Vasudevan sat down with two HPE techies - Aaron Spurlock and John Carter -to discuss: What is Hyperconverged? This episode focused on the benefits of hyperconverged, potential customers interested in a hyperconverged solution and how hyperconverged fits into a datacenter technology portfolio.

In the second episode, Vasudevan speaks with Ana Rios-Rodriguez (an HPE firmware engineer) to discuss how hyperconverged should be delivered as an enterprise grade offering. 

Rios-Rodriguez explains, “Enterprise grade…is delivered as reliability, availability and serviceability.” Reliability relies on ensuring the hyperconverged solution is built on top of reliable, top of the line hardware. “Availability is ensuring that the solution has software defined storage, as well as compute to ensure the complete solution is always up and running.” Serviceability ensures that a single vendor can provide support from the hardware and software perspective of the stack.

Watch the second episode of IT Insights: What makes hyperconverged enterprise grade? to learn about the importance of deploying an enterprise grade hyperconverged solution in your datacenter.

To learn what to look for in a hyperconverged provider, read the full Frost and Sullivan report: Creating the Data Center of the Future with Hyperconverged Infrastructure”.



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