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What to look for in a cloud monitoring solution


Cloud visibility.JPGWhat’s in your cloud?  Unfortunately, visibility is not one of the touted benefits of cloud computing. Before you hand off applications to a cloud provider, you need to make sure you have the monitoring capabilities to track performance and predict and diagnose problems in the cloud. Find out what to look for in a cloud monitoring solution.


Ops execs still need to ensure that their app performance is meeting a high standard. But how are they to do this when cloud can make it hard to see the whole picture? Fortunately, more sophisticated cloud monitoring tools are becoming available. Operations teams should look for specific monitoring capabilities to be sure they can trust their apps to the cloud.


Your first priority should be a real-time, automatically discovered central model of your app. Without it, you can’t monitor your transactions after they move beyond your walls. When as many as 40 components can affect performance, a central model makes clear the relationship of components to performance. That way, if your app slows down unacceptably, a cloud monitoring solution should be able to pinpoint the problem. Then you know whether to fix a line of code or add more servers.


Your cloud monitoring tool should also let you trace transactions through various layers the same way you would in testing. That way you can tell if the problem is in your code, the provider’s servers or at the networking layer.


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To learn more about monitoring performance in the cloud, see our page on HP Business Service Management 9.1.

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