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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Choose Converged Management Platform HPE OneView 3.0



Businesses demand IT infrastructure that helps them move quickly to stay ahead of the competition. However, today’s IT often slows them down because of complex, manual processes that can take months to complete. What IT operations could be automated to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes?

HPE OneView is built with software-defined intelligence that allows infrastructure to be deployed faster by simplifying IT operations and increasing productivity. Template-based automation makes it possible for IT generalists to provision appropriate resources to application developers. Moreover, automatic monitoring and online firmware updates simplify lifecycle operations. The unified API increases productivity because it gives developers access to a unified infrastructure while they are creating their applications.

HPE OneView is the industry's most advanced infrastructure automation engine because of capabilities such as the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, integrated remote support, and In-Service Virtual Connect migration.

The new HPE OneView Global Dashboard delivers streamlined operations. The Global Dashboard provides a unified visual of the health of infrastructure across all HPE OneView managed servers, profiles and enclosures. Users can monitor HPE infrastructure, including physical, virtual, or containerized with one click. And, due to reusable templates, deployments and updates occur rapidly and reliably.

The Global Dashboard simplifies lifecycle operations by monitoring up to 6,400 servers from one dashboard. By simplifying lifecycle management, infrastructure is kept running at peak performance. This way, less time is spent managing hardware and more time can be devoted to delivering IT services.

The integrated remote support function also adds value to HPE OneView. The built-in remote support automatically reports problems before they upset operations and sends pre-failure alerts to dedicated HPE call centers. If needed, HPE can then order spare parts, reducing down time.

The In-Service Virtual Connect migration feature in HPE OneView helps existing HPE BladeSystem customers make an easy transition to HPE OneView. This way, migrating to HPE OneView is risk-free and hassle-free.

The latest features in HPE OneView such as the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, integrated remote support, and In-Service Virtual Connect Migration make being stuck with complex, manual processes be a thing of the past. These new feature deliver the fastest and smartest way to take command of your data center. To learn more about HPE OneView, check out this video: 


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