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iPhone-like simplicity for datacenters? (Translation: make hybrid IT simple.)


When Jay Jamison, Vice President of SDCG Strategy, Converged Cloud at HPE joined Dave Vellante and Paul Gillin from theCUBE at the recent HPE Discover 2016 London, he gave a quick update on the group’s mission: make hybrid IT simple. 

Jamison discussed what he envisions for the datacenter of the future. “At the highest level, what we're trying to deliver for our enterprise customers is something in the mode of iPhones for datacenters. That means we’re marrying a great software experience with great hardware -- delivering what the customer wants.”

According to Jamison, the introduction of iPhone changed everything. “Prior to the iPhone, the mobile phone was kludgy at best. Then you saw the iPhone, and you thought – wow, we’re in a whole new world! Everything from how the hardware looked to how the glass worked – the lack of buttons; the software was really quite delightful.”

He explained that HPE is working to achieve that same sort of simplicity for the datacenter. “We understand what our customers want. They want easier infrastructure management; they want to migrate their workloads to get the benefits of the cloud; they want resources that are both on premises and off premises; they want to make their developers more productive,” Jamison summarized. “HPE is delivering the kind of infrastructure that will achieve this, both with hardware and with services at the software layer.”

“In terms of a hybrid cloud environment, customers will have a set of workloads running on a public cloud and a set of traditional workloads critical to their business that are running on premises,” continued Jamison. “Then there will be a bunch of stuff in middle. Customers tell us that they want our advice on which ones to put where. Additionally, they want help on getting the management tools that will allow them the simplicity of a single management view.”

Jamison explained that many customers have started on the journey to transform their infrastructure, but cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, which makes the journey complex. Consequently, HPE is helping customers by providing a wide and comprehensive breadth of solutions that span not only what technologies customers want, but also how they want to consume that technology.

“As the cloud continues to mature, organizations are looking to HPE to work with the leading technologies and the software providers that customers want,” continued Jamison. “HPE develops relationships with these partners and then provides trusted delivery in an enterprise-grade, production-ready level of support.”

According to Jamison, Cloud28+ is a great example of how HPE is working with a diverse set of partners to eliminate barriers to cloud adoption. Launched about two and a half years ago in Europe, Cloud28+ is a program that links customers with a global, open partner ecosystem of cloud service providers. At Discover 2016 London, HPE announced that the community has grown to more than 330 HPE partners.

Jamison concluded, “HPE has had a strong and trusted relationship with enterprise customers for years. We know that customers will have applications in many places across the hybrid cloud.” HPE wants to be the reliable advisor that customers turn to as they evaluate different technologies and as they implement a simplified (dare we say, iPhone-like) hybrid infrastructure across the entire enterprise.

To learn more about how to make hybrid IT simple for your datacenter, read the blog, Making hybrid IT simple: newest innovations, customer success highlighted at HPE Discover London, which details Ric Lewis' spotlight address. You can also download the HPE Synergy for Dummies ebook. HPE Synergy, the first platform built from the ground up for Composable Infrastructure, is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services.

To watch the complete Jay Jamison video interview, click here


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