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(HP 2920) Can i put the flows in hardware only?

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(HP 2920) Can i put the flows in hardware only?

Hi, everyone


i have a hp 2920 and run with openflow 1.0(my controller is floodlight)

all about the Configuration is following the HP openflow installation


i'm trying to put the flows inf the hardware so i can get the higher performance

so i configure my switch with this commend


openflow instance openflow1 flow-location hardware-only 


but i get the error message and the switch flow table is nothing

the switch seems to not accepted the flowmad from the controller,


my problem is,

can i put flows in HP 2920's hardware flow table?  is the switch  supported this funtion?




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Re: (HP 2920) Can i put the flows in hardware only?



The HP 2920 supports the hardware-only feature. When you enable hardware-only mode, only flows that can be programmed into hardware are accepted from the controller. This feature, if enabled, will cause an error if the flows are configured to be forwarded to multiple ports when in fact those flows should be handle on the software level. Here is an entry from the "HP Switch Software OpenFlow Administrator's Guide K/KA/WB.15.14" page 19:


NOTE: An error is returned to the controller if the flow cannot be added in hardware and the flow-location is set as hardware-only.


NOTE: Flows with an action to forward to multiple ports or all ports of a VLAN, such as flood, cannot be hardware accelerated. Such flows are handled in software. Changing flow location to hardware-only affects those flows.
For example, if a flow is added with action such as FLOOD, it can only go in software. This causes in a performance penalty or the flow not being programmed at all if running in hardware-only mode.


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