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Re: HP A5500 EI - Missing cookie in PacketIn message

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HP A5500 EI - Missing cookie in PacketIn message

My HP A5500 EI doesn't send cookie in PacketIn message. 


Cookie of flow, which redirected packet to controller is 0x75bd23a. Despite this in PacketIn cookie is equal 0xffffffffffffffff.


Example PacketIn:



{ofm:[V_1_3,PACKET_IN,106,0],inPort=0x90000b(9437195),reason=ACTION,tabId=3,packet=[[ETHERNET, IP, UDP, UNKNOWN], dst=3c:e5:a6:55:a3:d6, src=00:0c:29:79:df:6f]}
  Buffer ID : 0xffffffff(NO_BUFFER)
  In Port   : 0x90000b
  In PhyPort: 0x90000b
  Total Frame Len : 64
  Reason: ACTION
  Table ID: 3
  cookie: 0xffffffffffffffff
  Match: {Match(V_1_3):[type=OXM,len=12],fields=IN_PORT}
  Frame Data length: 64
  Packet=[[ETHERNET, IP, UDP, UNKNOWN], dst=3c:e5:a6:55:a3:d6, src=00:0c:29:79:df:6f]


HP SDN Controller 2.5.15, HP A5500-48G-PoE+ EI(Comware 5.20.99, Release 2221P15)


How can I solve this problem?

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Re: HP A5500 EI - Missing cookie in PacketIn message

Hi Tom,


It is the expected behaviour for Comware switches. If you look at the HP VAN SDN Controller and Applications Support Matrix manual section 1.6.2 - "HP Comware-based switches and PACKET_IN message cookies"  (page 10) it says:


"HP Comware-based switches do not support the use of cookie values to determine if a packet sent to the controller is being sent because of a specific flow modification. HP Comware-based switches always send a fixed value of 0xffffffffffffffff in the cookie field of a PACKET_IN message. "


Something else that might be important is that the Packet_In output you posted lists the Table ID for the matching flow as 3. This indicates that you are using the switch in non default table configuration, perhaps by adding a MAC IP table? Using the switch in non default table configuration is not supported by current versions of the HP VAN SDN Controller, see the above mentioned manual, section 1.6.1 - "OpenFlow table support" (page 9):


"The HP VAN SDN Controller does not support the use of tables other than the default OpenFlow tables for the HP ProVision-based and HP Comware-based switches it controls. The default OpenFlow tables are the following: "


and then for Comware switches:


"Table 0 for HP Comware-based switches.
Using configuration options that add or change the default OpenFlow table configuration, such as adding a MAC IP table (flow-table mac-ip 0 extensibility 1), are not supported. "


Let me know if this is of help . Thanks!


Best regards,



HP SDN CoE team