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HP VAN SDN Controller v2.3.5 released

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HP VAN SDN Controller v2.3.5 released

The 2.3.5 release of the controller has now been posted to for download.  Documentation, release notes, sample code are bundled within the controller zip file as before.  Note that there were significant changes to the API in this release so most apps will need to be adjusted and recompiled to run on the new version.


As before, you should acquire a license for the base version of the controller (50 node license) J9863AAE from your local reseller or HP in order to use it fully.  It is only $499 list for the base 50 node version, further reduced if you're a HP Networking AllianceOne partner, so there's really no excuse for running an unlicensed version.


If you'd like to try before you buy - a 60 day EVAL license can be obtained from your local HP Networking sales team.


Support for the controller is best obtained by posting messages, and interacting with the community here.  

AllianceOne partners will soon get the option to submit cases via the HP My Networking Portal. If you have a solution you'd like to sell, you can apply to join AllianceOne & the HP Networking specialization.


Documentation for HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3.5

HP VAN SDN Controller and Applications Support Matrix

HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3 Administrator Guide

HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3 Installation Guide

HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3 Release Notes

HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3 Programmers Guide

HP VAN SDN Controller 2.3 REST API Reference

HP VAN SDN Controller Open Source and Third-Party Software License Agreements


Andy (New twitter handle - @AndySDN)

HPE WW IoT and Edge Compute Alliances Marketing / @AndyBigData

Re: HP VAN SDN Controller v2.3.5 released

As of the time of my posting, the latest officially released version of the VAN SDN controller is v2.7.10. Even if the specific version in Andy's message is now outdated, the link he posted will still get you the latest version.

Now that HP has split and the website re-organized, the HPE documentation for the latest versions can be found here:

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