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HP3800 how to output on controller & port?

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HP3800 how to output on controller & port?

We are trying to add a flow that outputs to controller and to a physical port  but we are getting a BAD_ACTION/BAD_TYPE error back from the switch (3800 - Sw:KA.16.02.0012) regardless of the order in which we specify the actions. Here's part of the OF trace:

Time: 11:08:02.636
Event: Tx

  Cookie   : 0xab01400000000001
  C Mask   : 0x0
  Table ID : 100
  FMod Cmd : ADD
  Idle t/o : 0s
  Hard t/o : 120s
  Priority : 10064
  Buffer ID: 0xffffffff(NO_BUFFER)
  Out Port : 0xffffffff(ANY)
  Out Group: 0xffffffff(ANY)
  FMod Flgs: [sendFlowRem]
  Match    : {Match(V_1_3):[type=OXM,len=45],fields=ETH_TYPE,IP_PROTO,IPV4_SRC,IPV4_DST,TCP_DST}


Time: 11:08:02.638
Event: Rx
Data Path ID: 00:02:10:60:4b:b6:46:80
Message: {ofm:[V_1_3,ERROR,76,2292534],BAD_ACTION/BAD_TYPE,#dataBytes=64,OFM-cause:[V_1_3,FLOW_MOD,136,2292534]}

  data = 040e00880022fb36ab0140000000000100000000000000006400000000782750ffffffffffffffffffffffff000100000001002d80000a020800800014010680


However, if we output to two physical ports the rule is successfully installed.


Re: HP3800 how to output on controller & port?

Please change the Table ID from 100 (HW) to 200 (Software).  Copies to the Controller & Port are handled in the Software Table (200) on the 3800.  That should explain the error you are seeing.

Scott Koster | Technical Marketing Engineer
HPE Aruba