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Problems using floodlight with 5930

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Problems using floodlight with 5930

I am trying to use the floodlight controller to add flows to the hardware table (table-id set to 100). I am currently not able to add any flows to the table. I keep getting "UNKNOWN" code errors and I am not sure what to do. I am simply trying to add a flow entry which matches on eth-dst and eth-type and forwards the matching packets to a specific output port. Here is the command that I am using to add the flow entry:

command = "curl -X POST -d '{\"switch\":\"04:50:2c:23:3a:3f:3d:1d\", \"name\":\"flow-mod-1\", \"table\":\"100\"," + \
          "\"cookie\":\"0\", \"priority\":\"32768\", \"eth_dst\":\"90:e2:ba:b3:ba:44\", \"eth_type\":\"0x0800\","+ \
          "\"active\":\"true\", \"actions\":\"output=13\"}'" + \
The error I get is following:

2016-07-27 15:45:30.770 ERROR [n.f.c.i.OFSwitchHandshakeHandler] OFFlowModFailedErrorMsgVer13(xid=406, code=UNKNOWN, data=OFFlowAddVer13(xid=406, cookie=0x00a000004039d1a6, cookieMask=0x0000000000000000, tableId=0x64, idleTimeout=0, hardTimeout=0, priority=32768, bufferId=4294967295, outPort=any, outGroup=any, flags=[SEND_FLOW_REM], match=OFMatchV3Ver13(eth_dst=90:e2:ba:b3:ba:44, eth_type=0x800), instructions=[OFInstructionApplyActionsVer13(actions=[OFActionOutputVer13(port=13, maxLen=65535)])])) from switch OFSwitch DPID[04:50:2c:23:3a:3f:3d:1d] in state net.floodlightcontroller.core.internal.OFSwitchHandshakeHandler$MasterState@66394c40

Can you help me please? Thank you!


Re: Problems using floodlight with 5930

Hi Kunal-Mahajan,

I'm not sure that the 5930 has a table 100 like the 5400 or 3800. Have you tried using table ID 0?

I'm not sure if Floodlight performs automatic table selection like the HPE VAN controller, but if it does then you might leave the table ID unspecified and allow the controller to select it for you.


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