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SDN service (app)

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SDN service (app)

Hello forum !

I am new to SDN and was doing my project work on building new services(apps) in SDN for managing energy consumption. 

I have following questions:

1.  As I saw in early messages there are some folks who created an app using gen-sdn-app script from hp-sdn-sdk-2.3.5 (version might be outdated), can I build my own app also using this script and where can I find it? Can someone point me to right direction please? 

2. Can I use HP VAN SDN controller with Zodiac FX SDN switches and build my own experimental network? Is HP VAN SDN controller open-source and compatible with my switches? 

Thanks for replies :)


Re: SDN service (app)

1. The VAN SDK is included in the .zip file for the debian distribution. For example, if you download the latest version (2.8.8) from here:

Then clicking the "Download App" link will give you a .zip file which contains 3 files:

  • = The VAN SDK, which contains the gen-sdn-app script, located under hp-sdn-sdk-2.8.8/bin.
  • hp-sdn-ctl_2.8.8.0366_amd64.deb = The VAN debian file, for installing the VAN SDN controller
  • = The VAN API documentation (javadoc), which will help understanding the APIs provided in the SDK

If you don't already have it you can download the programmer's guide here:


2. We have written the VAN SDN controller to be compliant with the OpenFlow 1.3 specification, so if the ZodiacFX switches comply then there's a good chance it will work. We haven't tested against ZodiacFX switches, but we do test against OVS (Openvswitch) which is the standard for software-based OpenFlow switching. The only issue I'd expect you to hit would be with optional sections of the OpenFlow specification. VAN is not open-source, but it was written to comply with the open standard.

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Re: SDN service (app)


I wanted to try some open source SDN applications available and add some extra features based on my working project to demonstrate it. Can someone tell me if there any available OPEN SOURCE SDN APPs that I can download and play around? 


Thanks in advance!