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failed to install apps on SDN VAN Controller

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failed to install apps on SDN VAN Controller

I'm having this error when I try installing apps like Network Visualizer, OpenDaylight Lithium Controller, etc.. from the three categories: Community, 3rd party, and Aruba applications.

for Visualizer it says:


Error uploading application archive;cause: No matching artifact found

Server Error – 500: Internal Server Error
anyone have a solution ?
version 2.8.8

Re: failed to install apps on SDN VAN Controller

I've seen this error myself and hopefully your case is as easy to resolve as mine was. The issue I had was that I was uploading the .zip file that I'd downloaded from the app store. What I didn't realize was that the .zip from the app store actually contains an inner .zip file and THAT's the file that I should upload to the VAN controller.

When I download Visualizer from the "Download App" link on this page:


Then it downloads a file named "hpe-net-visualizer-v1.2.7.164-x64.zip". Within that zip file is a single file named "com.hp.networkvisualizer_v1.2.7.164.zip". The inner file (without -x64 in the filename) is what you should upload.

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Re: failed to install apps on SDN VAN Controller

yes it did solve my problem, Thank you ShaunWackerly

I don't know why I didn't think about that, much appreciated !