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Mobile First - a new concept for application development


Mobile First - a new concept for application development

In our Applications Track we introduced you to the concept of "Mobile First". This is the concept (first coined by Google) where an organization creates initial version of the application for the smartphone, rather than for the desktop PC.


At HP we are now looking at ways to bring our software to the mobile platforms, the outcome of which is HP Anywhere.


HP Anywhere is a mobile app platform designed to mobilize the enterprise, connecting users with corporate systems and with each other on their device of choice. It combines the open standards of HTML5 and JavaScript with unique capabilities for predictive collaboration, system integration and enterprise security to deliver a powerful mobile application development experience.


Listen to our experts share their experience in developing for Mobile:


How does business Design for Mobile?

What is the business perspective of Mobile First? Should we be designing for mobile first? Hear the business point of view in this debate. 


The Mobile User Experience - what users expect

Users expect a lot form their mobile devices and their mobile apps. The IT team at HP expect mobile apps to change the way users work and is preparing a platform and apps to drive the change.


How do you architect for Mobile First?

Many people are talking about Mobile First --- listen to what the IT team at HP thinks about this trend.


HP Vision for Mobility and HP Anywhere

The vision for HP Anywhere as an internal tool to enable HP Employees to be more productive, wherever and whenever.


Learn about HP Anywhere at: