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Top ten reasons to automate your IT processes


Top ten reasons to automate your IT processes

You can begin automating your data center operations by implementing IT process automation. Getting started is easy. Through a focused approach in a few key areas, an experienced IT organization can quickly achieve a return on investment and reduce IT complexity, and support costs.


  1. Automating the remediation of incidents and alerts
  2. Empower frontline IT operators to resolve more incidents
  3. Decrease alert floods
  4. Establish a consistent, repeatable process for orchestrating change
  5. Create linkages between your ITIL incident management and problem management process
  6. Capture incident resolution audit trails and create process documentation
  7. Integrate role-based access control into your incident resolution process
  8. Capture organizational knowledge in a usable and maintainable way
  9. Automate repetitive maintenance procedures
  10. Integrate disparate systems management tools and process


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