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Re: My HPE Software Center aka - We Are Sorry - download vetting


My HPE Software Center aka - We Are Sorry - download vetting

Hi all,

        it seems over the last 12 months HPE has introduced more restrictions around downloading software from my HPE Software Center. On multiple occasions now I've gone through the software selection process (in my case selecting patches and updates for an HPE 3PAR system to be staged locally for HPE's own engineers) and got to the download phase only to get the error message ‘We Are Sorry’  you cannot download at this time.... 

You then are forced to either reach out via chat or email to licencing to open a case after which you get asked the same set of pro-forma questions :-


Following up on your request, please advise if you are trying to download the software with your email account


Please also confirm your company name and complete address (e.g. town, street, number, ZIP code, etc.) and if you are the end customer.

If you are not the end user, please also provide end customer`s name and complete address.

Kindly note that we would also need the answers to the below questions:

Is the end-user a government entity? Yes or No

Is the end-user a military entity? Yes or No

Is the end use for military purposes? Yes or No


Having then asnswered the questions (yet again) you wait a couple of hours before you get another email saying it should now be working.

From where I'm sitting as both a customer and an HPE Partner this does not seem a particularly 'enterprise' class way of obtaining my updates for my company and my customers. Surely if my account is linked appropriately with valid SAIDs then that should be sufficient. 

I challenged the licencing team to explain when and how this apparently recent development was introduced however I was politely informed they would not discuss it and to fill out a surveymonkey form.

So I'm putting it out here in the hope someone more senior can respond and explain why these new checks have been instigated and what mitigation has been put in place for situations when there is nobody readily available from licencing (at 3am on Sunday morning) and you have a need to get an update  to service a high priority call which is being denied to you despite the fact you've already paid for that access.

I guess I'm seeking some transparency about how this scheme operates as it certainly wasn't like this before. It's certainly not communicated clearly on the portal dialogue. It makes it seem it's more like an error message than what it obviously really is which is effectively vetting.

Hoping someone will have something interesting to say.



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Re: My HPE Software Center aka - We Are Sorry - download vetting

... also mostly it just fails now with "We are Sorry" and no indication that any vetting is going on behind the scenes... just brokenness.  Logging a ticket for access usually doesn't solve the issue until the ticket is escalated to an L3... and that solution is ephemeral. The issue comes back after a few weeks, days, or in my most recent case - a few minutes.  

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Re: My HPE Software Center aka - We Are Sorry - download vetting

ABSOLUTELY SICK TO DEATH OF HPE and their rubbish portal, and their rubbish rubbbish software.
Enterprise class my *****.

Had TWO virtual Service processors just go wrong on their own, CANNOT be recovered, need to download new ova/appliances from HPE and re-install from scratch. Pathetic.

What is more pathetic, is that despite the urgent requirement for us to fix this problem, lo and behold I cannot even get the software off the HPE enterprise site. When it comes to downloading it I get this:-

"A temporary issue prevented us from processing your request. Please try again later."

Im done with HPE, done with the rubbish software, done with all the partner integrations, done with the dreadful portals, done with having to KEEP CHANGING my HP Passport password, done with their shocking support, just done with it all full stop. Its not worth the hassle any more. Hopefully we will run stuff 100% in the cloud from now on with AWS/Azure, and never use HPE again.

Sorry HPE, your standards have fallen so far, and your customer experiences are so bad, it just isnt worth the effort any more.