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5 things for a smooth upgrade of your HP Software

SusanMerriman ‎10-03-2013 10:13 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 01:50 PM

Customers often ask: ‘How do we hit the ground running when we go live on an upgrade or new product’. I’ve asked Irene Kohlman one of our Software Education Portfolio Managers to take a look at this one for you. Irene’s thoughts are timely because we’ve just launched HP Asset Manager 9.4; Irene’s five-steps to a smooth upgrade will help you get the most from the latest version of this product (or other software apps).   


I’ve just seen the movie Lincoln that reminded me of a quote from the great man: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” It underlines the need for preparation – something that’s critical when getting your people ready for an upgrade. But before I get into software training that, I want to point out some of the new features of HP Asset Manager 9.4 – the solution that shows you what assets you have, where they are, who’s using them, and how they’re used. With Asset Manager you can also measure how your vendors are doing, optimize your supplier portfolio, control licensing and streamline procurement. Some things to look out for are:


  • A more attractive and intuitive interface
  • Changes that make the web client easier to use
  • An enhanced search function
  • Online documentation for all your IT assets that allow users to search the database via web browser


5 steps to prep the experts, and, the users of your HP Software

With new any new upgrade or installation of enterprise software your vendor will offer software enablement to support the roll out. We strongly recommend taking the training –it’s central to project success. Our five steps to prep (and support) your people include:


 1.     Train the experts: First up, train your power users – the people that’ll install, configure, manage and support the software. We recommend this takes place several months in advance of the upgrade. This gives yours teams enough time to use their knowledge to optimize the software while ensuring training is fresh in the mind at the go live date. With Asset Manager we offer three five day-courses with a combination of instructor-led sessions and lab-based learning. This provides everything your team needs to successfully implement, customise and run Asset Manager. Courses can be taken online or in person. For more information on courses see here.


2.     Train the users: It can be easy in the heat of a project to omit the training of end users. But this is critical to any deployment and we strongly urge you to help your people get up to speed. We’ve a web-based training solution – HP ART – that comes preconfigured by our experts with a range of Asset Manager content to help you get ahead in training your users. The content includes business process documents, simulation-based courses, instant refreshers and job aids that get you months ahead of schedule when preparing training. You can use our content or easily customize the existing content and create your own to exactly match your software. End user training ideally takes place shortly before go live to make sure knowledge is retained at launch date, and is then supported and reinforced via ongoing online performance support. 


3.     Lunch and learn: Post launch we recommend that you run refresher courses and Q&A sessions; a lot of our customers use their people proficient in the software to host hold lunch and learn sessions for colleagues to back up the online training. You can do these quite simply by repurposing the materials prepared in step two and using them to reinforce key messages.


4.     Get support ready: Your support teammay or may not have attended the instructor-led courses. Either way, it’s useful to put a small number through the end user training on the cusp of go live. These refreshed experts can then be on hand to handle Asset Manger calls as the first queries come in. 


5.     The proof’s in the pudding: However well you prep for launch, it’s only when people start using the software that common issues are apparent. We recommend analysing support calls to find common issues. You can then use HP ART to prepare quick task simulations that target users’ queries and help them self-resolve issues. This approach improves the team’s capability in Asset Manager and cuts support calls.


What lessons have you learnt from your training programs? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 


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