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BYOC or Bring Your Own Content to content syndication

SDanisovsky ‎02-11-2013 08:07 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:25 PM

In my previous blog post about Campaign Syndication (CSS) I described email personalization and customization possibilities. As you may know CSS also offers syndication of the HP Discover Performance ezine which brings a bunch of HP content every two months. The power of the ezine lies in the amazing facility to add partners’ own content that can be a website, blog, video.., simply anything with its own URL. The following example shows how to add your own video to the ezine.


The whole “operation” is actually just a few steps starting from the Dashboard page in Zift.


1. Go to Create Program menu item, select the Discover Performance version you need (there are several language localizations) and choose the recipients list you will want to send it to.


2. Click on Next, verify the general settings and click on Activate.


3. You’ll get to the Program Summary page where your ezine is listed. Since you want to add your video, you click on the Personalize button.

4. You’ll find yourself on the main personalization page which normally comes up with your own logo, value add statement, contact details, and social media channels. You may want to change color of the buttons and eventually remove some HP content you don’t want. To add your own content you’ll click on the Add Content button placed just above the main text area and you’ll see the screen below.



5. Here you will enter the title (A) of your content paragraph and the URL (B) where the video is available on the Internet (hint: don’t forget the “http://” prefix).


Then you’ll select the URL type (C) and enter the name (D) of the button which will take all readers to the video via the URL (B). Finally you will want to add a short description (E) of what the video is about.


Optionally, if you want to make it nicer you can insert a simple image (F) and use the editor functions to place it properly into the text description. This will make your paragraph more visual and increase the click-through-rate. Finally, if you want you can also associate the same URL (B) with the image and thus have two clickable areas both leading to the same video.


6. Once you’re done, you’ll click Add Content button at the bottom of the page to get back to the main personalization page. The rest is a routine finalization, i.e. finish the personalization, send the test email and check it, and schedule the mailing. Easy.


Try it out and let me know your feedback or follow my tweets at @whypista.

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