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Do you measure marketing ROI?

SDanisovsky ‎05-22-2013 07:39 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:25 PM

And in the same insight we can found that 41% of marketers don’t track their marketing ROI. Thus here the actual question is actually “why so many?” Is it really so hard or perhaps time consuming to come up with some initial metrics and start to measure the marketing impact vs investment?


In one of my previous posts I described how website syndication (sometimes called web panel syndication) can be the very first tactic our channel partners should employ via HP Campaign Syndication Service (CSS). It’s not only easy and fast to set up but there’s also analytics capability available providing all that’s needed to measure effectiveness of this tactic.


Start with website analytics

The website analytics is not new magic in digital marketing and I assume some of our partners use it already. But the power of employing HP CSS for that purpose lies in the fact that once an organization start to execute various digital tactics, the CSS becomes the single place-to-go for a marketing performance measurement across all campaigns and all tactics. The platform tracks every digital engagement on the website and is able to correlate it with other tactics for a proper lead scoring and prioritization.

And it’s also very easy to set up (in answer to my own question above). Here is what CSS users have to do: go to the Analytics tab, choose Get Analytics Website Code, copy, and then paste it onto their website. Easy!



At this moment you have your website under full control and you can start to watch over the traffic coming in and monitor who’s visiting, what’s viewed and how frequently. In essence you will be able to see the following:

  • The most recent companies visiting to your website
  • The top most active companies visiting your website
  • Number of visiting companies per day
  • The most recent visitors (contacts)
  • Top webpages with associated lead count

Understandably you may be interested in many other different metrics with regards to your website traffic. But if today you’re part of those 41% who don’t track marketing impact at all (the insight n.9 above mentioned) then why not start simply with those metrics which are available and already predefined in CSS? Just for a start.


Make analytics work for you

So as I’ve tried to explain, it’s very easy to set the analytics up on your syndicated (or even non-syndicated) website. What if the reason marketers are not keen to use it is the time and effort needed to retrieve the metrics, look up for leads or pull some reports? Is there a way to facilitate and make the automation work for us?


There are multiple ways the CSS can help partners to find quickly what they need when using analytics. First they can filter out (ignore) companies and visitors that are out of the marketed segment, for example their own employees, competition, foreign companies that can’t be approached, etc. This is to make sure you track and report on leads from companies of your target segment.


Furthermore partners can set up a regular email based notifications with a daily or weekly summary of the website visits. That’s a very handy way to maintain visibility over the incoming traffic without having to login to the syndication service every time.


Alternatively partners can set up a particular notification for each target contact (or lead) and get an email alert whenever the contact comes to the website or a given web page. This is already a much focused tracking initiative which can be very efficient if used in conjunction with a follow up email based nurturing.



Another potential user of such an email alert is telemarketing where it helps to get an additional context for calling follow up and eventually turn it from a cold call to a warm one.


Beware of the European regulations

You’ve certainly heard about restrictions in Europe to utilize website tracking and analytics (a.k.a. cookie law). Without going into the legal language and law implementation status here, basically there are already some countries in Europe where an active consent from a website visitor is mandatory prior to be tracked via cookies (so an active opt-in is necessary).


What partners in EMEA shall know is that they can easily comply with this regulation by setting the proper opt-in preference through Tracking Options at the Settings tab of the CSS dashboard.



So let me summarize it as follows: with HP Campaign Syndication you have one place to go to:

  • Set up the website tracking in full compliance with legal regulations,
  • Correlate the website analytics with other tactics,
  • Receive automated and targeted lead notifications to telemarketing or telesales.

This is so simple that there’s no real reason to run marketing without measuring its impact and ROI. Try it!


Want to know more? Email me or follow @whypista.

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