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Finally: A Practical Cloud Strategy

dongalles ‎05-25-2012 08:48 AM - edited ‎07-20-2015 09:29 PM

Every CIO needs to have a cloud strategy. The problem is that cloud technology is a moving target. The definition of cloud is highly variable, most existing IT estates are not “cloud ready” and business expectations are sky-high.



Surely there must be a sensible starting point that does not:

  • Endanger critical production systems
  • Require a huge capital investment
  • Delivers near-term business benefit


One year ago I sat down with fellow HP enthusiasts in a nearby watering hole to discuss this dilemma. The challenge we set for ourselves as a “nights and weekends” project—can we design a one-stop-shop solution for customers to trial a private cloud? What application would be the most suitable? Can this solution deliver business benefit? And since we are HP, can we wrap the hardware, software, and services into a single offering that is easy to buy? - One pint was not enough to find a solution.


We considered a wide range of likely applications including SharePoint, Exchange and even SAP modules. We found reasons to reject each promising idea. Weeks passed. Finally, during one of my tangential rants about the ludicrous quirks of modern software development, the answer became obvious— build an appliance for development and testing environments. In my previous working life I spent days waiting for each testing sandbox to be provisioned. We could fix that problem. And, since HP makes some killer testing software, we could throw that in as well. And while we are at it, why not include typical third party software tools like VMWare, LAMP stacks, Java, Python, Ruby etc.


Now, the only difficulty was packaging all this into a single offering. Enter Avnet, who has plenty of experience and can even help us set up financing options to offer this as an OPEX investment. We proudly introduce to you our new Cloud-in-a-box for Development and Test.  This white paper will help you uncover the potential this offering has for your organization.

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