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HP Autonomy: Why should SMB embrace Big Data?

manuelrubioc ‎12-09-2013 09:30 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:10 PM

Big Data is made of structured and unstructured information, 10% structured information is the data bases, but Unstructured information is 90% of BigData and is ‘human information’ like emails, videos, tweets, facebook posts, call-center conversations, closed circuit TV footage, mobile phone calls, website clicks, you named.


And Bid Data is only getting bigger, 90% of the data in the world today was created within the last two years- 2.2 million Tb of new data is created every day - and probably all this figures are already outdated as we speak.


So, the Challenge is to drive “meaning” from the 100% of BigData and that challenge is relevant to all type and size of companies – let me give you a couple of  examples:


  • “A retailer comparing sensor data with pictures of store shelves to see in real-time what products are selling best”

  • “A bank green-lighting a loan application from a credit risk assessment based upon sentiment in a phone conversation that is statistically correlated with credit risk data.”


The saying  “Size Matters” is more relevant than ever. To Analyze BigData from Customers, HP Autonomy has built the largest private cloud on planet, at 65 Petabytes (April 2013).


In case you wonder how big is 65Petabytes, let me give you some examples:

  • More than  $1M of 64GB phones (HP Tablets)

  • More than 670 years of HD-TV Video

  • The amount of information you can store on > 2.8Billion trees turned into paper


Beyond its sheer size, unstructured information is where all the interesting, differentiating, and vital things happen. For instance, when detectives work to uncover a crime, they look for incriminating emails. When marketers want to know more about their customers, they look to Twitter. The old method of finding answers in the rows and columns of a database takes too long, often uses outdated information, and often yields a result that does not include all available information.


Understanding human information is a fundamentally new approach that uses technology to deliver insight, ideas, and intuition into the rapidly growing and diverse data that we engage with every day.


HP’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) provides a single processing layer that helps organizations automatically unlock key ideas and concepts in information, both structured and unstructured.

  • With IDOL, users can understand and act upon documents, mails, video, chat, phone calls, and application data at the same time and faster than ever before.

  • Because we know you store data in a variety of repositories, IDOL streamlines information processing across networks, the web, the Cloud,  smartphones, tablets, and sensors.

  • IDOL  enables you to see your information, regardless of format, location, or language.


    To learn more about HP Big Data soutions visit


About the Author


Manuel Rubio is the EMEA lead for HP Autonomy's Sales Business Solution and is a member of the EMEA Autonomy Management team. In this role, he is responsible for unlocking the value of Autonomy for HP account teams and clients, driving Autonomy growth across HP Software by leveraging the reach, expertise and client relationships of HP Software.

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