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May & June webinars - UPDATED!

MagdalenaTula ‎05-07-2014 05:21 AM - edited ‎07-19-2015 09:23 PM

8 May

10 am UK

4 pm UK

(2 sessions)


HP Operations Manager and Performance Manager (New Releases): Sales Awareness Webinar

This webinar covers for the new releases:
- Value proposition
- Messaging
- Product structure
- Other information about the new Releases relevant for the sales channels



9am UK (10 am CET)

R2C SPM: Inventory and Configuration Management for Hybrid Delivery – Winning Customer Use Cases


This webinar will recap those use cases with customer examples – but will focus on additional customer use cases you can replicate with your customers. They are centered around Hybrid Delivery as customers invest in solutions to manage what is in the Data Center and what is being sourced from the Cloud.



14 May

4 pm UK

(5 pm CET)

Technical Awareness and Support Training for BSM Connector for CA Spectrum

Topics for TAW:

·  Benefits

·  Short Overview of CA Spectrum

·  Architecture and Features of the BSM Connector for CA Spectrum

·  Supported Platforms

·  Overview on how to access, install and configure

·  Demo

·  Q&A

Topics Support Training:

·  How to install and configure

·  Typical Problems with Solutions/Workaround

·  Troubleshooting approach, Tips & Tricks

·  Where to find more information

·  Q & A


15 May

3 pm UK

4 pm CET

(120 min)

Network Management Software (Next Release): Sales Awareness Webinar


The session covers basic sales enablement content (what's new, target personas, discovery questions and demo) for the next release.


16 May

9 am UK/10 am CET

Hot News

Cloud & Automation Management


By invitation

16 May

3 pm UK/ 4 pm CET

Hot News

Service & Portfolio Management

By invitation

19 May

9am UK (10am CET)

R2C C&A: Automation & Cloud Management: from Sales to Sales

This webinar will cover real case studies from our own turf: how some of our European customers are benefiting from our Automation stack to Patch & Provision and tackle Compliance.



20 May (3 days, 2hrs per session)

2pm UK

3pm CET

Technical Awareness Webinar Network Management Software

These sessions  covers basic technical enablement content (what's new, demo)

Session 1 - Network Node Manager  (NNMi)

 Session 2 - NNM iSPIs for Performance  and Advanced Services

Session 3 -  Network Automation


20 May

5pm UK

6 pm CET

(90 min)

HP Application Development Management:
Partner Connection

Join the HP ADM (Application Development Management) team to learn what's new in ALM, Performance Centre, Service and Network Virtualization, Business Process Testing, HP Anywhere and Unified Functional Testing.

  1. 1.      HP Discover Las Vegas update for ADM
  2. 2.      Apps 12 Partner Portal update
  3. 3.      Network Virtualization: an overview
  4. 4.      Service Virtualization 3.5: what's new
  5. 5.      Q&A



22 May

7 am UK

8 am CET

(90 min)


5 pm UK

5pm CET

Virtualization Performance Viewer (New Release): Technical Awareness Webinar


A technical awareness session for the new release of vPV. There are many new, highly saleable features to consider.


23 May

9:30 am UK/10.30 am CET

Hot News

Business Service Management

By invitation

23 May

3 pm UK/4 pm CET

Hot News

Application Delivery Management


By invitation

26 May

9am UK (10am CET)

Vertica: ‘Winners don’t accept compromise’ – HP Vertica, no limits, no compromise


This webinar will cover why Vertica is so disruptive in the database market and what customers love about us.



29 May

8-10 am UK

4-6 pm UK

Operations Analytics 2.1: Technical Awareness Webinar


Introduce the new features of Operations Analytics. The webinar will cover the value proposition as well as the technical aspects of the product and demo the new features and use cases.


2 June

9am UK (10am CET)

BSM: Switching gears with Ops Analytics: Head-to-Head with Splunk!


Listening to your data will make sense when you know what you are listening to and how to interpret what you are listening to. Join us in this 30min webcast to know how we help you prepare, predict and pinpoint into your Big Data at lightning speed at less than half the cost that anyone else can do on this planet.



3 June

4 pm UK

5 pm CET

Self-service strategies that put service relationship management into hyperdrive

Self-service and service relationship management technologies are falling behind. It’s time to overhaul your service-catalogs, self-service portals to keep up with the breakneck speed of business technology. Join Forrester to learn what you need to shift in order to enable your customers.

9 June

9am UK (10am CET)

ADM: Going large with Agile Delivery: Head-to-Head with RallyDev & Jira


 Learn how Agile Manager enables you to position HP as a credible alternative to Jira and niche Agile players. Also position HP as a thought leader in how Agile Development can be scaled to meet the demands of the Enterprise without negatively effecting delivery timescales.




9am UK (10am CET)

X Pillar: Mobile and Mobility: The Big Picture


You'll walk out from the session knowing about, how you can help your customers to implement their bring your own device strategy.


How HP can support the entire mobile apps lifecycle, & how customers can mobilize their internal applications.




9am UK (10am CET)

Q3 New News: A Wrap Up of HP Discover and other news to take to your customer




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