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Mind the gap: don’t let cloud be your next silo

GuillaumeR ‎04-25-2012 10:39 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 02:43 PM

Mind the gap: don’t let cloud be your next silo


On April 10, HP made one of its biggest announcements in the cloud space when we announced the launch of HP Converged Cloud. This is more than a pretty simple and straight-forward name and much more than a collection of updated hardware, software and services. It is a very bold move that will address the concerns of customers who were looking at current public cloud solutions (from IaaS to SaaS) with envy and skepticism.


Silos are not healthy


I have been strongly advocating the need for breaking the silos within IT and consolidate the technology, processes and skills since I began my career in 2000. Back then, the majority of IT organizations were growing in size (they still are), and each new technology adoption was correlated with building a new team for support and liaising with a myriad of other troops (remember the first days of virtualization ?). My good friend Keith Jahn calls those groups “the IT tribes”. The result is increased complexity, a clear lack of communication within IT and a decrease in delivery speed to the business. A real nightmare for any CIO.


At that point in time, the situation was not desperate. Pretty much all service managers, ITIL architects and IT executives agreed already that adding more silos to the organization was not a good idea. In contrary, they were looking for tools and processes to help IT tribes work better together according to well defined processes, for example, those from the books of the ITIL library. This is what made the success of IT Service Management solutions such as HP Service Manager.


Now, one of the interesting paradox with cloud is that the business loves it and IT sees it as a new “silo”. And let’s be honest, with the majority of the IaaS solutions available today, it is indeed a new silo. A dangerous silo, as it does not even sit within the datacenter. This is why IT organizations push back, and they make the pragmatic decision to start with “cloning a public cloud” but “under IT’s control”—with this the private cloud is born.


HP Converged Cloud: hybrid delivery based on common architecture across traditional and all cloud models


By getting familiar with a cloud delivery model “in-house”, many early adopters were hoping to learn and ultimately add resources and services from the public cloud later on. The initial hope was to model a service, which is basically comprised of application, information and infrastructure, and abstract this service from where it should run on. By achieving this level of abstraction (similar to what virtualization did with physical servers years ago), an enterprise or government has its business priorities and compliance rules guiding where each service should run. This is a powerful and promising concept - the benefits of cloud under control.


And that’s exactly what HP Converged Cloud is about. No one has done this before. Many players in the cloud computing market have their hidden agenda to sell their hardware and impose their hypervisors. I am sure you have heard this sentence already “well, it runs on xxx but not as good as on our platform”. These organizations force customers to buy a comprehensive collection of software licenses that lock them in. But customers are not blind: the fourth highest inhibitor of cloud adoption is vendor lock-in.


The 10th of April announcement


That’s the reason why I think the 10th of April announcement will change everything. HP did what the others didn’t want to do. They did it because it is deeply in HP’s veins to satisfy their customers. HP Converged cloud favors the choice over a proprietary hypervisor. It is based on Openstack, an opensource project.


When you start your cloud journey, step-by-step,  think about the vendor that you will choose to build your middle- and long-term cloud strategy.

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