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Perform better with marketing automation

SDanisovsky ‎10-29-2012 02:48 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:23 PM

Perform better with marketing automation


In the recent weeks my colleague Rosie ( and I have been collecting feedback from our channel partners concerning the Campaign Syndication Service (CSS), our digital marketing service available since late 2009. The main goal was to understand what they liked when they used the tool, and if they didn’t use it, why. I must say it was a great experience and we heard lots of good things from the channel about the CSS and yes, a few suggestions on where we should improve. Once all consolidated, what I was missing was a comparison to how the outside world was doing.


Benchmarking with top performers

By pure accident I’ve found a report from Gleanster Research (5 Marketing Automation Capabilities Top Performers Can't Live Without) which brings up some interesting figures about digital marketing and how it’s utilized by top performing organizations. One of them concerns the perpetual discussion about the right balance between customization of the marketing platform and simplicity to use it. Throughout our channel survey we heard various opinions; with some big fans of the CSS simplicity and a similar number of those who always seek a higher degree of customization of the service. What the report is saying however is that the top performers are 3x more likely to use the common features than the average users. It indicates that more customization doesn’t necessarily lead to better business performance.


Personalize and integrate CRM

Few other conclusions in the report can be put in perspective with what our channel can do with CSS. For example the fact that 53% of top performing organizations prefer digital campaigns to be ready for personalization. However that personalization is expected to be easy-to-do. It’s also perfectly aligned to conversations with partners who shown a true interest in personalization intertwined with the simplicity of the CSS. As one partner in the UK said; it’s simple and it does what we need.

One more interesting result is that 46% of the top marketers want their digital marketing platform integrated with CRM. Contrary to that conclusion we didn’t have that many requests for such integration during our survey. That’s in spite of the fact that CSS can integrate with six different CRM packages available today on the market.


Now let’s talk about our numbers

Regardless of the external benchmark, a quick look back on how we’ve been doing with CSS over the last three years is equally interesting.

I can’t speak exact numbers but here are few facts; the number of partners using the service since 2010 globally has doubled. About the same growth has been achieved with the number of emails sent out. Their total from 3 years reached a higher six digit number. The most impressive growth has been with the online ads though; their usage went up 3.5 times over the same period. That’s an amazing digital outreach our partners have delivered just by using the CSS. Thank you all. Let’s keep the engine speed.

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