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Personalization and Customization with HP Campaign Syndication

SDanisovsky ‎01-16-2013 08:04 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:24 PM

Over the last five months we’ve met with quite a few software channel partners and discussed the HP campaign syndication service (CSS). We've had many interesting interactions here and have received a lot of useful feedback as well as many questions from you. Some of the questions were particularly based around personalization and customization capabilities so I thought it would be helpful to document them and publish through this blog.


How easy is it to personalize a ready-made email?

A typical email contains a few dashed areas (between 4 and 6) that have to be personalized. Most of them (logo, value statement, contact details, privacy statement and terms of use) are automatically uploaded though when the tactic is activated because they’re retrieved from the account repository. So finally there’s not so much left for further “manual” personalization. Sometimes it can be a subtitle that just remains to be changed and that can be done literally in few minutes.


What’s also open for personalization is a primary and secondary color used in the email (headline and buttons). The tool gives you a small color palette drop-down window which makes it very easy to change those two colors immediately.

There’s also a possibility to include your social media links in the email (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Again if you have them specified before as part of your account setup, they get retrieved automatically just like the dashed areas mentioned above.


All of the above can take you 15 mins max but let’s not forget that many emails come with an associated landing page (and “thank you” page). Those two assets need a final visual verification that all changes applied to the email are properly taken over and reapplied again. On the landing page you will typically have a choice to decide between long and short data entry form i.e. how much personal details you intend to ask for.


How much email customization is possible?

This question may seem to be in full opposition to the previous one but we do get it. I understand a customization like a change of both content and format. And indeed there are some types of emails (like e-zine mailer or email templates) where the content and format can be modified to a greater extent than a mere personalization.

For example you can drop-off some parts (articles or paragraphs) and/or add a content produced by you starting with its own title (blogs, whitepapers). Obviously adding content means you also add a link which takes the reader to a webpage (or landing page if it’s a gated asset). If the page exists already the whole customization is a three minute exercise because you only need to write a two line teaser which will show up in the email. The link button will be created and attached automatically.


We also provide an editable email template that you can use to produce your own mailing (again with a landing page and thank you page). With this one you have a chance to produce your own title, subtitle and body text. So enough room for your creativity but also artistic talent (think of the color and imagery changes you can do). To do this you need about an hour to finish it all, although it really depends on your marketing language skills.


Finally there are some marketers who really want to differentiate themselves from others. For those there’s a template editor available where they can either upload an existing email for a full rework or just create a new one from scratch. No limits for creativity exist here but also no estimate of time can be provided.


Better to see once than to hear (or read) 100 times

Finally, I provide some quick advice for those who want to see the tool before touching it. The email personalization is very well shown in the short video which is available for your on-demand replay. There is more use cases recorded in the same video and so you can learn about a contact list creation, web panel and online ad activation and also how a reporting and analytics can help you to measure the impact of your campaigns. All of them are worth the watch. Enjoy.


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