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Rules of Engagement… let’s Make it Matter.

Paul_Toffis ‎07-07-2014 07:04 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:16 PM

If I brought up the phrase ‘rules of engagement’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?


Those of you with your corporate hat on may immediately jump to HR in practice, some may even make the link to the rules used in domestic and international operations within the military… but as much as I’d like to deny it - like me, most of your minds probably went straight to the American comedy on Channel 4.


Before this ends up progressing into one of those sarcastic write-ups on US sitcoms, what I really wanted to talk about are HP Software’s Channel rules of engagement, the ones we strive towards with the aim to support our Partners effectively.


“We, at HP Software, support our partners to deliver mutually profitable and sustainable business growth, through market leading and innovative software, enabling us to jointly build new revenue streams and enter new markets.”


Why is this important? I hear you ask…


Well, in practice it ensures that we minimize & avoid situations of opposing interest, and likely to encourage a higher level of success in seeking valuable opportunities. For example, with the requirement that all HP Software business from within the inside sales and territory sales teams should be transacted via the Channel, it ensures that the risk of potential of conflicts is reduced in the process.


Engagement used in terms can, at times, imply a slightly different meaning to each individual. In my mind, for us, the importance lies in having engagement from all sides; firstly with HP Software and our Partners, and secondly our Partner’s engagement with us as well as Customers.


In recent years there has been a weight of evidence to suggest that engagement has a significantly positive impact on productivity and individual wellbeing. That being said, we ourselves are probably the best examples of this. I know that when my team and I are feeling positive & engaged at work, it tends to lead to an increase in efficiency, absenteeism declines naturally and overall in the long term our increased engagement leads to an increase in sales.


Similarly with our Partners, it provides a platform for both individuals and the environment we work in. Acting as a foundation for building a world-class channel based on established standards, trust, fairness & loyalty. With this basis, we enable a disciplined approach to pursuing sales opportunities whilst avoiding & managing conflict in our route to market. The paradigm shift in how HP Software engages with its Partners is the core concept in our go-to-market Catch & Release model. Look out for my next blog on this topic!  


The highlighted statement above not only embellish who EMEA Software Alliances and Channel are, but also what we do and how we work… this is how we Make it Matter.

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