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The Software Hunger Games – How will you defend yourselves?

Gemma_Parker ‎02-13-2014 03:07 AM - edited ‎07-20-2015 09:16 PM

It’s become increasingly more important to keep everything fresh and up-to-date regardless of whether we want it to or not. Sometimes it can feel like we’re being dragged along kicking and screaming ‘I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!’


However, within the IT industry, I have come to realize that it’s more important to be one step ahead, than just simply be ‘up-to-date’. Everyone wants to be the biggest and the toughest.  Almost like the Hunger Games with a ‘fight to the death’, and ‘every man for themselves’ attitude, metaphorically speaking of course.  Please don’t think everyone is out to get your software with samurai swords and snares etc. They’re probably not…


It can seem that by the time you think you have caught up with everyone else,  another group will have already moved on, and left you behind, making you look old-fashioned and weak. It’s understandably difficult, to keep up and stay on top of things especially if you are a smaller company, competing with some much larger companies. How do you defend yourselves and fight back? What about utilizing a strong marketing strategy? How do you find the time to do this?


This is something Zift and HP both recognized and so joined together to create the HP Campaign Syndication Service. I’m going to try to explain what this service is in the simplest way possible, as I’m sure that a lot of people reading this struggle to keep up with all the fancy lingo as well.


Basically – the service provides you with ‘Product Showcases’ that you can customize with your brand and contact details. These also can be known as ‘multi-page content suites’ and they provide white papers, brochures etc, around key topics that your potential customers may be experiencing and looking to find technology solutions for.


This content should be compelling enough to attract users to engage on your website, and with 85  companies which use this service at the moment as evidence of this. Creating opportunities to generate new leads with your website couldn’t be simpler with HP’s Campaign Syndication Service, as it updates the content automatically to ensure that you aren’t left behind. One less thing to think about!


HP are also offering a 12 month free use of showcases for any new Software Partners for 2014. Contact Stefan Danisovsky for details.


If the team can make this all sound simple to a twenty year old intern with no previous Software experience, then I’m pretty sure it will be a piece of cake for most of you. Although this service can’t put an end to the ‘Software Hunger Games’, it may be your best chance of survival!


If you would like to hear more about this, see our page on the Partner Portal, which gets updated with all our latest campaigns, or alternatively, drop me an email!



To paraphrase Suzanne Collins, ‘Happy Marketing and may the odds be ever in your favor’.


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