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What KPIs will measure application delivery in the cloud?

philnguyen ‎05-22-2012 10:59 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 09:39 AM


The well-documented shift in the relationship between business and IT is placing growing pressure on practitioners to deliver applications and innovations to the market more quickly. As part of that shift, business leaders are trying to figure out how to track performance, especially in light of new cloud models, and this can have a big impact how practitioner teams work on a daily basis.


Paul Muller, chief software evangelist with HP Software, and Christian Verstraete, chief technologist of cloud strategy for HP, dug into the issue in their latest This Week in Cloud video conversation. They provided a lot of insight into KPIs and different techniques for measuring the value and velocity of work in progress.


Christian stressed that organizations don’t have to drop everything they already have, that they can build on the foundation of service management that’s already in place, such as ITIL, and tweak it for the cloud.


He also went on to recommend an approach that looks at cloud as a supply chain that delivers services to business. Specifically he cited using a Supply Chain Operational Reference framework, which addresses how a supply chain should work, with a number of KPIs at every step in the supply chain. For example, one KPI it uses is Perfect Order Fulfillment to measure whether a service—even one that has portions in traditional environments as well as public and private clouds—can be fully provisioned on time.


But there are many different potential KPIs, of course. A recent white paper from HP, Building a Performance System for IT, notes about 170 separate metrics that are commonly used.


I’m interested to hear from you about what KPIs your organization uses, and whether those are changing based on your adoption of cloud services for delivering applications. Is a SCOR framework applied, or something else?


Please post your comments or any questions you have in the forum thread What KPIs measure your performance in the cloud?



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